Thursday May 21, 2020

What a bonus..2 sunny warm days in a row!!! Better yet—-a long weekend coming up. There will be no classes/school scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) and Monday due to the Memorial Day weekend!!

So what should you be doing? This week you have been given 2 recorded lessons to watch.. A vocab quiz that was due Wed. Continue working on IXL H and your Volcano project which are both due next Friday the 29th.

Reminder all late/missing work is due Friday the 29th.. This is a hard fast deadline. You have been given plenty of opportunities to get this work in.

FYI video of the day: “Solar Eclipse; Awesome Totality”

Wednesday May 20, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday!! I see the sun!! Going to be a great day!!

Google Classroom: A new recorded lesson was posted into Google Classroom this morning. This focuses upon the project you are to do. I have given the instructions of the criteria for the project. You have a choice in how to present your information. You may create either a Google Poster (Slide) or a Brochure. I have given you templates that you can type directly on. If you feel you want to start a new one feel free.

The presentation will also show you where to find everything in Google Classroom along with a grading rubric to follow.

Due Date for presentation: May 29th (Friday)

Late Work deadline: May 29 (Friday).. I will not accept any late work after that date. You have had plenty of time to get this work caught up and we can’t leave it open forever. As always, check Student Connect for late work. It is your responsibility to let me know when you have completed the late work to check for a grade.

FYI video of the day: “When Did Plate Tectonics Begin?”

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Welcome to Tuesday!! I hope with all the rain yesterday no one floated away.. Do have to say how much I do enjoy an all day rain sometimes. I love to watch it and listen to it against the windows. But the next day, I prefer the sun!! Here is hoping the sun comes out at some point today.

Missing Work: At this point in our school year I feel it necessary to put a deadline on any late work. May 29 will be the absolute last day for any late work.. I will not accept it after that. So it is important to get on the ball and get it in.

Also, if you do turn in late work please email me (and not through Google Classroom). Email me direct at :

I am not going back to April 20th to see who may have turned something in. So as I have mentioned before always check Student Connect for missing work. If you know you turned in something email me (politely) and I will check into it.

So today if you have not yet watched yesterday’s recorded lesson please do so and take the Vocab Quiz for Volcanoes. If that is complete then work on IXL H (1-4).

Tomorrow: I will release a recorded lesson about your research project that will be presented through a Google Slide or brochure. 4th hour I know a part of the project was released early.. The directions are coming tomorrow.

FYI video of the day: How To Measure Waves

Monday May 18,2020

Welcome to Monday a bit gloomy but always look for a bright spot in your day!!! We all have them.

Google Classroom: I have placed a recorded lesson on the types of Lava and Volcanic Eruptions for you to watch (Assignment #1) before you go to the Vocab Quiz on Volcanoes (Assignment #2). Tuesday you should be working on lXL H 1-4. They are focused on Potential and Kinetic Energy and transformation of Energy. You should be working on IXL H this week and next for your Tuesday/Thursday work time.

Missing Work: It is not too late to get caught up on any missing work. Just remember if it is more than a week old, it is your responsibility to let me know. I am not checking all assignments all the way back to April 20th to see who may or may not have done them. I only check from the previous week.

I have been holding BBB sessions for students who have requested help. If you feel you need that in person (virtually) assistance, email me and we will set up a day and time.

FYI Video of the day: Introducing Waves

Happy Friday!!

Welcome to Friday!!! Its warm and has stopped raining.. Things are looking up!

I will be working on my list for those dreaded teacher phone calls after 2:00 today. I sent out emails/calls to those who may make that list. If you were fortunate not to receive one you are safe!! WAY TO GO!! For those of you who did receive one I have seen a flurry of work coming in!! WAY TO GO!! If you received one and I have not received anything.. Your name may end up on my list after 2:00 today.

I will not be grading nor recording work that comes in on Saturday or Sunday this weekend!

Student Connect… I grade and record assignments as they come in. This way you can see what assignments still need to be done. So yes, your grade may drop if you have not yet turned in the assignment. This is not an indication you are doing anything wrong, but if you chose to wait until the end of the week to turn in work. Those assignments are listed as missing and grades go up when you turn them in. Also as if we are in the actual classroom, I grade the assignments based upon quality not just because you turn something in (even if it is blank) you get full credit.

Last thing about Grades/Late Work: It is the Students’ responsibility to email me (not in Google classroom please) when you have completed and turned in an assignment that is more than a week old. With over 140 students I am not checking every assignment who has turned in something that is more than a week old.

Avid Application for next School year:

FYI video of the day: Seismic Waves

Thursday May 14,2020

Looks to be a gloomy day today.. Bright side.. Plenty of time to get some work done. Today, I will be reviewing what work has/has not been coming in.. That dreaded reminder email will be coming out today. I expect to see most of it by late Friday.. Turning work in on the weekend does not guarantee you will not get a phone call on Monday. I do not promise to grade nor put into Student Connect work that comes in on Sat. or Sunday.

Google Classroom: At this point you should have or are doing the following: Watch Recorded Lesson on What is a Volcano? and complete the labeling activity that follows that lesson, Flocabulary Volcanos (video, Read/Respond and Quiz), Watch Types of Volcanos recorded lesson with activity about types of volcanoes, and Read Newsela Article about the Hawaiian Islands and complete the comprehension activity.

IXL: Complete Section Y (Lesson 1 and 2)

AVID Application will be filled out on line this year.. Here is the link for anyone interested

FYI video of the day: Atoms and Elements

Wed. May 13, 2020

Wow!! Its already mid-May.. Not sure about you, but I feel that time is going so fast.

New assignments released today! It is important that you do a little each day. This way work does not pile up on you and you are not getting those dreaded emails and phone calls.

Google Classroom: A new recorded lesson on how volcanoes form is in Google Classroom along with an Exit Ticket #4 (Fill in the blank about the different types of volcanoes) Thursday’s assignment is a reading assignment that focuses on how the Hawaiian Islands were formed. You are to read the article and take the quiz that follows.

Heads up: Next Wed I will be introducing a research project you will be doing. So it is important that you get all caught up with your work by then so you can focus solely on that project. It is all research based so all you need is your computer.

IXL: Don’t forget your focus should be on Section Y (A, B and X are all past due)

FYI video of the day: Supervolcanoes

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Looks like it is going to be a great sunny day today!!! Soak it up!!

Google Classroom: If you did not watch yesterday’s prerecorded lesson and do Exit Ticket #3 (Label the Parts of a Volcano) make sure to do that. Today you are scheduled to do the Flocabulary on Volcanoes.. The activities are the video, Read/Respond and the Quiz. Please make sure to take your time and really concentrate on the assignments. Grades are not based on I did it. I do take the average of the scores and then grade your work.

IXL: Up to now you should have Sets A, B and X completed. By this weekend Set Y should be complete.

Grades/Missing Assignments: Make sure you are checking Student Connect regularly for missing assignments. I sent a mass email to all students yesterday to check their Student Connect. When it comes to late work I only check the previous weeks. You need to email me if you complete anything that is more than a week old you will need to email me to go back and check it. Know that I will not jump immediately on the late work so don’t expect it checked 5 min after you email.

FYI video of the day: “How do Flowers Bloom in the Spring?”

Monday May 11, 2020

Welcome to another week!!!

Work for this week:

Monday: Watch prerecorded lesson on What are the Basics of Volcanoes which reviews ideas of last week’s Plate Tectonics. Then do the Exit Ticket #3.. Labeling the Parts of a Volcano. Tuesday: Flocabulary on Volcanoes. You only have to watch the video, Read/Respond and the Quiz. Remember these are not participation points. Your grade is based upon the score of your Read/Respond and quiz. Take your time some of those Read/Respond activities should not be rushed. All assignments are due Wednesday! It is less stressful to do a little each day and not waiting to do it all at the last minute.

FYI video of the day: “How is Glass Made?”

Friday May 8, 2020

Happy Friday and Happy Soon Weekend!!

I continue to be impressed with the quality of work that you have been doing. I also I am happy with the commitment by those who may have fallen behind and your determination to get caught up!!

Friday is your day without live sessions scheduled so use your day to catch up on what has not been turned in yet. Don’t forget new assignments will be coming out on Monday.. so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can get done today.

I am constantly grading your work and up dating Student Connect. Please know that any assignments turned in after 5:00 will not be graded and put into the grading system until the next day. Anything that is turned in on the weekend waits until Monday.

I am happy to still answer quick questions through email only until a reasonable hour. After a certain time, your messages will wait until the next morning. I am so grateful that so many of you are being respectful of my family time too!

FYI Video of the day: “What is the Greatest Number?”

Don’t forget to wish your mom a Very Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday
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