Last Post of the School Year

This will be my last post for this school year!! Here are a few final thoughts:

I want to express what a great pleasure it has been getting to know each and everyone of you. I am so proud of each one of you and how you have grown in so many different areas. It may be that you were reluctant to work in a group, but learned to do so. Maybe you were the one who like to do all the talking and you learned to listen more. Maybe you were the quiet one who listened, but found your voice and discovered others like your ideas. Maybe you were a bit disorganized and found a way to be more efficient. Maybe you found a new friend that you just met this year. These are just a few ways, I have seen you grow! I couldn’t be happier (well I could if I could tell you this in person, but the next best thing will have to do).

I will miss you all, but the best part of being a 7th grader is that you will be back next year. My door is always open to you all (except if I am teaching a class or you are supposed to be in class)! Many of you saw the previous years students stopping by to say Hi and give me grief. I welcome that from you next year too!!

So my greatest wish to you this summer is to relax and enjoy it. Find a good book to read or learn something new. I am planning on learning to bake some different treats for my family and hopefully we can go hiking a lot. Get outside and enjoy the sun!!!

I loved reading on the End of Year Survey what you learned about yourself!! That is what is important… Discovering who we are.. To this day I am still discovering new things about myself all the time (and I am really OLD)

Few reminders:

Final report cards will be mailed home.

Every year, Stout recognizes the hard work and effort of our students and our athletes. This year’s Honors Program will look quite different. There will be a video with announcements of the awards. The following schedule is for the release of the videos by grade:


8th Grade Honors Video shared at 11:00am

6th Grade Honors Video shared at 12:30pm

7th Grade Honors Video shared at 2pmĀ 

If you are receiving an award , you will have an opportunity to come up to Stout on:

Wednesday, June 17th

8th grade may come from 9am-12 noon;

6th & 7th grade may come from 12:30pm-3pm on that day.

There will be stations set up outside to honor social distancing guidelines so you can safely pick up your awards.

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