Monday, June 1, 2020

Well, we made it through March, April and May!! Welcome June!! Only 11 more days for our school year.. Now is not the time to slack off.. You’ve got this.. We have come this far together..Lets do this!

Google Classroom: There is assignment in Google Classroom for Extra Credit. However, as I have emailed only students who have turned in their research projects may do the extra credit. If you want to do it, you must turn in your project first.

Use this week to get caught up on any and all missing assignments. Absolutely nothing will be accepted after June 7 (per district guidelines).

As I have stated before many times and through many different forms of communications that it is your responsibility to inform me of any late work you have completed. I am not going back through every assignment to find who has turned things in.

FYI Video of the day: “What is a Trait? Genetics and Inherited Traits.”

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