Thursday May 28, 2020

Hope everyone is finding a way to stay cool!!! Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!!

REMINDER: Your Volcano projects are due tomorrow.. I see that some of you have been working on the under Assigned.. Make sure once you have finished it that you hit Submit/Turn In.. I assume that if it is under Assign you are still working on it and will not grade it until it is turned in.

IXL H assigned a few weeks ago due tomorrow too!!!!

Student distribution of materials will take place next week starting Monday. Please refer to the schedule set up for the day to be picked up. It is assigned by the hallway your lockers are in. In case you forgot my classroom was in F Hall..which will be Wed from 10-3. H hall is Thursday from 10-3.

FYI Video of the day: “Can you make Lava?”

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