Wednesday May 20, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday!! I see the sun!! Going to be a great day!!

Google Classroom: A new recorded lesson was posted into Google Classroom this morning. This focuses upon the project you are to do. I have given the instructions of the criteria for the project. You have a choice in how to present your information. You may create either a Google Poster (Slide) or a Brochure. I have given you templates that you can type directly on. If you feel you want to start a new one feel free.

The presentation will also show you where to find everything in Google Classroom along with a grading rubric to follow.

Due Date for presentation: May 29th (Friday)

Late Work deadline: May 29 (Friday).. I will not accept any late work after that date. You have had plenty of time to get this work caught up and we can’t leave it open forever. As always, check Student Connect for late work. It is your responsibility to let me know when you have completed the late work to check for a grade.

FYI video of the day: “When Did Plate Tectonics Begin?”

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