Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Welcome to Tuesday!! I hope with all the rain yesterday no one floated away.. Do have to say how much I do enjoy an all day rain sometimes. I love to watch it and listen to it against the windows. But the next day, I prefer the sun!! Here is hoping the sun comes out at some point today.

Missing Work: At this point in our school year I feel it necessary to put a deadline on any late work. May 29 will be the absolute last day for any late work.. I will not accept it after that. So it is important to get on the ball and get it in.

Also, if you do turn in late work please email me (and not through Google Classroom). Email me direct at : bourdam@dearbornschools.org

I am not going back to April 20th to see who may have turned something in. So as I have mentioned before always check Student Connect for missing work. If you know you turned in something email me (politely) and I will check into it.

So today if you have not yet watched yesterday’s recorded lesson please do so and take the Vocab Quiz for Volcanoes. If that is complete then work on IXL H (1-4).

Tomorrow: I will release a recorded lesson about your research project that will be presented through a Google Slide or brochure. 4th hour I know a part of the project was released early.. The directions are coming tomorrow.

FYI video of the day: How To Measure Waves https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/student/code/kiwi79155/

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