Monday May 18,2020

Welcome to Monday a bit gloomy but always look for a bright spot in your day!!! We all have them.

Google Classroom: I have placed a recorded lesson on the types of Lava and Volcanic Eruptions for you to watch (Assignment #1) before you go to the Vocab Quiz on Volcanoes (Assignment #2). Tuesday you should be working on lXL H 1-4. They are focused on Potential and Kinetic Energy and transformation of Energy. You should be working on IXL H this week and next for your Tuesday/Thursday work time.

Missing Work: It is not too late to get caught up on any missing work. Just remember if it is more than a week old, it is your responsibility to let me know. I am not checking all assignments all the way back to April 20th to see who may or may not have done them. I only check from the previous week.

I have been holding BBB sessions for students who have requested help. If you feel you need that in person (virtually) assistance, email me and we will set up a day and time.

FYI Video of the day: Introducing Waves

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