Happy Friday!!

Welcome to Friday!!! Its warm and has stopped raining.. Things are looking up!

I will be working on my list for those dreaded teacher phone calls after 2:00 today. I sent out emails/calls to those who may make that list. If you were fortunate not to receive one you are safe!! WAY TO GO!! For those of you who did receive one I have seen a flurry of work coming in!! WAY TO GO!! If you received one and I have not received anything.. Your name may end up on my list after 2:00 today.

I will not be grading nor recording work that comes in on Saturday or Sunday this weekend!

Student Connect… I grade and record assignments as they come in. This way you can see what assignments still need to be done. So yes, your grade may drop if you have not yet turned in the assignment. This is not an indication you are doing anything wrong, but if you chose to wait until the end of the week to turn in work. Those assignments are listed as missing and grades go up when you turn them in. Also as if we are in the actual classroom, I grade the assignments based upon quality not just because you turn something in (even if it is blank) you get full credit.

Last thing about Grades/Late Work: It is the Students’ responsibility to email me (not in Google classroom please) when you have completed and turned in an assignment that is more than a week old. With over 140 students I am not checking every assignment who has turned in something that is more than a week old.

Avid Application for next School year: https://forms.gle/RoY3JwjCgtWcLwn69

FYI video of the day: Seismic Waves https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/student/code/shoe65970/

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