Thursday May 14,2020

Looks to be a gloomy day today.. Bright side.. Plenty of time to get some work done. Today, I will be reviewing what work has/has not been coming in.. That dreaded reminder email will be coming out today. I expect to see most of it by late Friday.. Turning work in on the weekend does not guarantee you will not get a phone call on Monday. I do not promise to grade nor put into Student Connect work that comes in on Sat. or Sunday.

Google Classroom: At this point you should have or are doing the following: Watch Recorded Lesson on What is a Volcano? and complete the labeling activity that follows that lesson, Flocabulary Volcanos (video, Read/Respond and Quiz), Watch Types of Volcanos recorded lesson with activity about types of volcanoes, and Read Newsela Article about the Hawaiian Islands and complete the comprehension activity.

IXL: Complete Section Y (Lesson 1 and 2)

AVID Application will be filled out on line this year.. Here is the link for anyone interested

FYI video of the day: Atoms and Elements

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