Wed. May 13, 2020

Wow!! Its already mid-May.. Not sure about you, but I feel that time is going so fast.

New assignments released today! It is important that you do a little each day. This way work does not pile up on you and you are not getting those dreaded emails and phone calls.

Google Classroom: A new recorded lesson on how volcanoes form is in Google Classroom along with an Exit Ticket #4 (Fill in the blank about the different types of volcanoes) Thursday’s assignment is a reading assignment that focuses on how the Hawaiian Islands were formed. You are to read the article and take the quiz that follows.

Heads up: Next Wed I will be introducing a research project you will be doing. So it is important that you get all caught up with your work by then so you can focus solely on that project. It is all research based so all you need is your computer.

IXL: Don’t forget your focus should be on Section Y (A, B and X are all past due)

FYI video of the day: Supervolcanoes

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