Thursday May 7,2020

Looks to be another sunny day!!! Can’t wait to get outside and take my dog for a walk.

Reminder: You have the following work that is due tomorrow ….. Exit Ticket #1, Flocabulary, Exit Ticket #2, Lesson Review and IXL X and Y..Try to stay on top of everything.. All these assignment with the exception of IXL should not take you very long especially the Exit Tickets.

ADVICE: I know a few of you are very behind in your assignments. Here is a tip.. Start with this week’s work first and then work backwards. That way you will feel you are where we are currently instead of feeling you are running a a full pace trying to catch us. This does not mean you are excused from any work since we returned from Spring Break. It may just seem a little less overwhelming.

It is my sincere wish you are all staying healthy and enjoying this time with your families. Think of the positives in every day!

FYI video of the day: “Could a Turtle Live Outside Its Shell?”

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