Wednesday May 6 2020

Happy Wednesday!! I have a few reminders to offer!

Mandatory work: All work that has been assigned after we returned from Spring Break is mandatory. All students will be receiving a 4th Quarter Grade for your report card. There will be a letter grade assigned. These are not pass/fail credits.

Late work: I know many of you are turning in a mountain of this late work. However, due to the tremendous amount, it will be your responsibility to email me with the name of the assignment, the week it was assigned and how you turned it in (Google Classroom, Flocabulary, IXL or email).

Missing work: YOU are to check Student Connect. I update grades multiple times during the week. Also, if assignments are more than a 2 weeks overdue it may take me awhile to grade it and put it into Student Connect. Do not expect that it will immediately be graded. I start with current assignments due.

FYI video of the day: “Why are Tornadoes so Hard to Predict?”

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