Tuesday May 5, 2020

Hope all is well with you all!!! I am seeing more work coming in on time.. And I thank you for that!! I’m guessing you don’t want my bothersome emails and phone calls. Best cure for that is getting the work turned in on a timely manner. I am working hard on keeping Student Connect current so you are aware that I did or did not get your assignment. It is a great communication tool for both of us! Check it regularly..

Work due by tomorrow: Recorded lesson on Plate Tectonics, Exit ticket and Today’s Flocabulary Assignment.

IXL: Don’t forget you are working on Sections X and Y Lessons 1 and 2 for both of them.

BBB live sessions: Look for a Contract you must “sign and agree” in order to attend all live sessions. It will come later today or early tomorrow. I will put it in Google Classroom for you to look over. By turning in this form you are agreeing to uphold all behavioral expectations and are aware of any potential consequences. You will not be allowed access without this form.

Video of the Day: “Can you make Lava?”https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/lava?code=f799c067fcf7dcb017f2bc1448c9ef46

I miss all of your smiles!!

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