Happy May Day!!

Welcome to the month of May!

Don’t forget that your assignments are due tomorrow by midnight. They are the Newsela Quiz, Heated Bolts Worksheet and IXL B (1-7)

Minor Changes to our routine.: For Science, you won’t see too many major changes. I will still be providing pre recorded sessions for you to watch. One change: at the end of the session there will be a link to an Exit Ticket for you to complete. This is mandatory! It will be a short Google Form for you to answer based upon those lessons. This does not apply to your other subjects, each teacher will have their own format. Please check in with the other teachers to know what they plan to do.

Along with the Google Form exit tickets, there will still be 2 additional assignments for that week. So you are looking at 4 assignments per week! Don’t go crazy.. 4 may sound like a lot but the Exit tickets are quick and will not take more than 10 min at the most.

Help sessions will be offered through the Big Blue Button in iLearn. How will it work? I am not setting days/times for this. We will coordinate a day and time based upon need that I will determine by looking at email questions. If there seems to be an hour that seems a few students need extra support, I will email you directly with a day and time. You may request help, but in your request you must ask me specific question(s) that need to be answered. These sessions will only be 15-20 min in length so if I can prepare materials ahead of time, our time will be more efficient. I will be sending you a BBB student code of conduct for Science at a later date. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to the rules before you will be allowed to enter into a session.

Student Connect: Check Student Connect for missing assignments.. I am trying to update this as often as I am able. Please do not email me to ask what your missing assignments are. The information is in your Student Connect.

We are in the home stretch.. Keep up the motivation to do well!! Remember this is your education! This is your future!! This is in your control!! You are doing this for you!!!

FYI video of the day: “Why Do Penguins Have Wings if They Cannot Fly?”https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/penguin-wings?code=796488f54dca829968bbbbf7df649bef

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  1. abdul

    can you please help me with the Earth Layers & Plate Tectonics plz

    1. Maureen Bourdage (Post author)

      What is the difficulty you are having? More than happy to help


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