Happy Monday 4/27, 2020

Good morning all!! So happy to see the sun coming out more!! Hoping that this continues..So here is our information for this week:

iLearn: I will be sending out a separate announcement in Google classroom later today with the code that you will need to enroll in your hour’s iLearn course. Each hour as its own code so please don’t give your code to someone in a different hour. If they ask just direct them to look at their Google Classroom under Stream. Any live sessions offered will be through the Big Blue Button only found in iLearn. When you enroll your name and student id number are recorded.

Google Classroom: You will see a long list of items for this week..Please don’t panic most of it is informational. Here is the breakdown;

Assignment #1 has the recorded messages for concepts covered, a message of how to do Assignment #6 and the actual Google Slides that you can go back and review if you do not want my voice over

Assignment #2 and #3 go together .. #2 is a short article to read and #3 is a quiz based upon the reading

Assignment #4 and #5 are 3 min. video lab simulations to watch.. There is no written work with these..

Assignment #6: Is a worksheet to complete and turn in.

Optional video: This is a stand alone video that is in the Google Slide presentation. I put it here in case you have it lag in the slides.

IXL section B lessons 1-7 .. keep working on those for those who have not completed them yet. I will count section B as extra credit since there are so many of them.

Grades/Missing Assignments: Please check Student Connect for grades and any missing assignment you have. As before, I am pretty quick about updating information. I am working on last week’s assignments and hope to have them all graded and Student Connect up to date by Tuesday evening.

FYI video of the day: “How is a Rainbow Made?”https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/rainbows?code=86e45ba2c1a21730b348efda87af5cf0

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