Thursday, April 23, 2020

Reminder: I sent out an email last night cancelling Google Live Meets for today. What I had planned on presenting is available in Google Classroom as a recorded lesson. Tuesday and today’s presentation are both available.

If you have any questions you can email or request a 10 min.Google Meet for tomorrow between 10-11. If you request such a meeting, when you email for the request could you also include the question you would like answered so I can have the answer prepared for you.

What should you be working on? Continue with your lab and bar graph. If you are finding it difficult to find time doing the actual lab you may use my data provided in the 2nd presentation as yours.

Also work on IXL Section A lessons 1 and 2 at Level 7.

Not sure what you are missing? Check Student Connect anything in red still may be done without a loss of late points. Please email me if you make up late work so I know to give you credit for it.

Due Dates? Remember to check Class News in your Student Connect and go to Calendar. You can find the due dates there.

FYI video of the day: “Is There a pole at the North Pole?”

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