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I am going to make this not so wordy.. so you can get the main ideas. Today the whole district is rolling out a schedule that is more structured with scheduled live sessions for each of your subjects including Electives. I have attached the 7th grade schedule (I will also put it in Google Classroom under Stream for a quick easy reference guide)

7th Grade Master Schedule:

Notice: Science live Sessions are Tuesday (11:00 am), Thursday (11:00 am and Thursday 2:15 pm) Tuesday at 2:15 is for my 2nd hour with Mrs Saeed..

Google Meet links and nicknames will be posted in Google Classroom 10 minutes before each scheduled class times

Live Session Topics:

Tuesday: Norms for Google Hangout lessons and Introduction to your Lab Investigation.

Thursday: Review of how to construct a bar graph from your data and explaining the Analysis questions that go along with the lab


Office hours will be Wed. at 3:00-4:00 pm and Friday 10:00-11:00 am. During this time, I will be available for a student/parent prearranged video conference through Google Meet. Immediate replies to emails and Remind texts (check your Google classroom for the link to sign up for Remind with Parental/Guardian permission. If you would like a Google Meet please email me before these times so that we can arrange a time as not to conflict with any other prearranged Meets.

Answering Emails

Most of you know that I answer emails in a very timely manner. Most of them are answered as they come in. However, I will try my best to answer any emails that come in from 5 pm-9pm, but some of those may have to wait for an answer until the next morning. Any emails received after 9 pm will definitely wait until the next day.

Organizing emails

I know some of you are going crazy with lots of email. Helpful tips: When you get an email notification for a Google Classroom assignment.. Delete it. That just tells you that there is a new assignment. It is saved in Google Classroom so you shouldn’t need it in your email.

Set up a folder for each teacher/subject and you can move your emails that you want to save there so your inbox stream is not so long.

Click in box next to email you want to move. Click on what looks like a folder with an arrow in it. Scroll down to Create New and name your new folder.

Class News in Student Connect:

Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science will be placing your assignment due dates under Class News and check on the Calendar. All your due dates are there for your assignments to keep you organized so you can plan your time.

Student Connect Grades:

I received many assignment through last night. I will be loading grades into Student Connect today after I have graded and recorded what work I received this weekend. When I post them that is everything I have gotten up to this date and time. This will help you know what you have already completed and what still needs to be done.

All Flocabulary assignments before Spring Break are considered extra credit. If you did not do them you are still welcome to! No late points assessed.

All IXL are mandatory assignments for grades. Check April 16th blog for those due dates as well as your Class news calendar.

I know this seems overwhelming and we are all learning this new system together. Patience is what we will all need to have.. with each other and ourselves. Hang in there and we will all support one another.

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