Friday June 14, 2019

I’m not sure how many of you will still check the blog, since the semester has just ended, but I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard this semester. Grades have been posted and there were was a lot of improvement and success for the final exam and final grades. I already have the electronic grade book set to “round up”, so if your grade was close enough that was already done. I appreciate your hard work.

If, however, your grade isn’t what you hoped it would be in this or any other class, please consider the following as you reflect on your efforts: Did you take advantage of all that we have to offer at Dearborn High? We are a very dedicated staff that takes pride in the success of our students. There are after school tutoring sessions, retakes for tests, teacher blogs for resources and updates for student self-assessment or to check when you’re absent. We also had the media center open with free transportation home for three days each week! I had a quizlet posted for everything we covered this year and made appointments after school for students who wanted to come in for extra help or to check where they may have made mistakes on tests.  How many of these options did you take advantage of in order to improve? Many students utilized these options and experienced great success. Consider what you might do differently in the future!

Have a fun and safe summer vacation!

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Wednesday – Friday June 12-14, 2019

Exams: See Monday’s blog post or the Dearborn High website if you somehow made it to today and are unaware of the schedule.

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Tuesday June 11, 2019

Hwk: Study for finals.

Last lesson today. No work collected if you were absent.

Deadline for turning in note cards has expired.

If you are absent for your scheduled final exam, the make up —which is not the same test–is from 11-12:30 on Friday.

Students on audit have been notified.

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Monday June 10, 2019

Finals this week: Wednesday 1st/2nd hour; Thursday 3rd/4th hour; Friday 5th/6th hour. 

If you selected the “note card” option, write your name according to Friday’s directions and have it turned in no later than 2:20 pm tomorrow. Yes, you may write on the back. No, you may not type notes and attach them to the card.

**If you signed up for the chapter 21 retake, remember that it starts at 6:35 am tomorrow.

Today, we used a short video that was shown at the beginning of the unit, as review. Then students reviewed their annotations from Friday’s reading, before discussing a prompt with other students near them. We held discussion as a whole class, referring both to the reading and a map in the front of the room. If you were absent, you can have a copy of the reading when you return. For now, read chapter 24-2, which will cover much of the same material.

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Friday June 7, 2019

Hwk: Study for finals.


  1. If you selected a note card for the final, it is due no later than 2:20 pm on Tuesday, the 11th.
  2. Also, if you selected a note card, use the following example to write your name on the card so I will be able to give it to you quickly once exams begin. For Exam Note Card Students
  3. Monday is the last day to sign up for the chapter 21 retake on Tuesday morning at 6:35 am.
  4. Exams begin on Wednesday-1st 7:20-8:50am; 2nd 9-10:30 am. [3rd/4th on Thursday; 5th/6th on Friday–same time format]
  5. For the items related to chapter 23 on the study guide, the yellow highlighted items will be on the final. For chapter 23, if it isn’t highlighted, don’t worry about it. All other chapter items are potential exam items. Here is the back of the study guide with the chapter 23 items I’ve just mentioned: To Clarify Ch 23 Study Guide

I introduced a short video segment, about 3.5 minutes, on a new section of reading. If you were absent, please email me for the assignment. It is copyright protected, so I cannot post it here.

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Thursday June 6, 2019

Homework: Study for finals. 

The retake for chapter 19 is tomorrow morning, starting at 6:35 am. Students who are late may enter, until the first person turns in their test and leaves the session. After that, no other tests will be handed out. Not too many students signed up for the retake on 19 and I have some extra. Please contact me by 9 pm tonight if you would like to join the session, so I may prepare an answer sheet for you since I will not have time in the morning.

If you were absent today, I have a handout for you. Copyright law prevents me from including it here. Out topic of discussion: The Opposition to Vietnam and the development of the Counterculture. I read part of the article and asked questions related to the reading. Next, students read/annotated. We centered class discussion on the questions generated by students. A short video segment was also included today.

Friday’s work was collected. If you were here today, no late work will be accepted. If you were absent today, it is due tomorrow. There simply is not enough time remaining to continue accepting late work and still have time to grade.


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Monday June 3- Wednesday June 5, 2019

No classes on these days. I hope everyone enjoyed the three days!

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Friday May 31, 2019

Hwk: No specific homework was assigned over the break. Exams are on the 12th-14th.

The retake for chapter 19 is Friday June 7th, before school. See me to determine your eligibility, if you are interested. For chapter 21, it will be on Tuesday June 11th, also before school. Same sign up procedure.

Students made their selections from the “menu” of rewards for study group performance. Those who selected index cards were given the cards and have until 2:20 pm on Tuesday June 11th, to turn in their card with notes, if they want to use it on the final exam.

The second half of class, students read independently and completed the following chart: doc00228920190531123803.

I apologize for the late posting. If you have been checking for this, please just do the best you can for tomorrow.

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Thursday May 30, 2019

Retakes for chapter 19, on June 7th, and for chapter 21, on June 11th, were announced. If you are interested, see me to determine if you are eligible to sign up. Both will be in the morning, before school.

Today, after a very short video segment, student discussed the assignment from yesterday regarding the advantages and strategies of both the U.S. and the Viet Cong during the war.

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Wednesday May 29, 2019

Hwk: Study for final exams. The study guide is under the “Study Guide” tab at the top of this blog. 

Exam Schedule:  1st and 2nd hour – Wednesday June 12th (7:20-10:30); 3rd and 4th hour- Thursday June 13th (7:20-10:30); 5th and 6th hour – Friday June 14th (7:20-10:30).

Yesterday, I explained the requirements and use of the different types of rewards that will be selected, based on team standings, on Friday. To clarify-these options, except the “Drop Low Test Score” may only be used in the student’s regularly assigned exam session on June 12th-14th, and as long as s/he is not on audit.

Today, students watched a very short video segment on the growing opposition to the Vietnam War and the violence at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. After the video, there were two different texts to read and annotate. If you were absent, pick these up when you return tomorrow.

And, it’s over! Congratulations to the following teams, in each hour, that won the semester challenge and will be the first to choose from the reward menu on Friday. Students must be present to select from the menu. If you are absent on Friday, you will select from the remaining choices.

1st Hour- Shmeh Squad

2nd Hour- 1

4th Hour- Rough Riders

5th Hour- Friends

6th Hour- Team Patrick



**The date to choose rewards, based on team standings, is Friday May 31st and has been in place since January 24th. Students must be present to select from the choice list. If you are absent, you will choose from the remaining items when you return. It may not be the item you wanted. To ensure the best choice, be present in class on May 31st.**


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