Thursday February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hwk: Nothing official. If you have time, review something we’ve been working on for chapter 17.

**The test, due to school cancellations, was moved to Tuesday February 26 and the make up is February 27th, after school.

If you were absent today, we learned how the Walt Disney Company played a role in U.S. mobilization efforts during WWII. We watched the following video on the history of Disney.       (If you watch it, it’s probably best to adjust to a slower speed as the narrator speaks VERY quickly.)

Next, students read a short article, independently, on Disney’s contributions to the war effort, before working with assigned partners on questions related to the article. If you were absent today, read the article and answer the questions to turn in the assignment. walt_disney_goes_to_war_1250_passage_and_questions

In all hours, the die was rolled for the attendance bonus and in 6th hour, there was enough time remaining to play a couple of rounds of Quizlet Live.

If you are reading in search of a bonus opportunity, there will be no bonus opportunities posted while we are on this mid-winter break. This is not a trick so I can post one anyway. You don’t need to be checking the blog every day. Just enjoy your break!

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Wednesday February 13, 2019

Hwk: Study what we’ve covered so far. You can reread sections 1 and/or 2. Use Quizlet games. You could use the note taking technique we used in class today for other terms on the study guide that you have not worked on, yet. 

**Due to another school cancellation, the test has been moved. Chapter 17 test is on Tuesday February 26th. If you are absent, the make up is after school the next day, Wednesday February 27th. There will be a team Kahoot the day before the test.

***For tomorrow, 4, 5, and 6th hours: Each team that has 100% attendance and no late/tardies will collect 5,000 bonus points. Then we will role for the weekly attendance bonus.

If you were absent today, an assignment was collected. For each term on the 17-2 study guide, you should read and write notes to indicate what is important to know or study about that term/person. Avoid simply explaining the term. In the following samples, “Operation Torch” has been noted as one way to write the information. The next item, is Dwight D. Eisenhower. The sample on the right is technically correct (although there is no explanation of why the statistic is included), but the example on the right depicts how to include detailed support–including other study guide terms to show HOW the material is connected. That’s better example.

17-1 Study Guide Notes sample

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Tuesday February 12, 2019

Snow/Ice Day!

Looks like 1st and 2nd hour will be calling odds or evens for the attendance bonus this week since I will only see you on Monday and Wednesday. Hours 4,5,6 will have three days so make sure you’re here on the half day Thursday morning.

There is no official homework today, but you really should review at least one section of material, at least a little. Maybe section two. The one with key battles and events. While you do that, how about in celebration of our sixth weather-related day, we have a six thousand point bonus opportunity? Send me an email with your group name and hour in the subject line and the answer to the following question in the body of the email: Which battle was considered a turning point in the war because, from that point forward, the Soviet army began to move westward toward Germany? Deadline is 6 pm today and only one response per team is needed.

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Monday February 11, 2019

Hwk: Make sure you have read all of sections 1 and 2 in chapter 17. You should be embedding notes on the study guide terms into your assignments. 

The chapter 17 test is scheduled for next Friday February 22nd. The make up is Wednesday February 27th.

Here are the updated standings:

Students worked in study groups today on an assignment emphasizing cause and effect. Out of all 5 classes today, there was only one student absent all day! Hopefully, you are the one reading this blog. Here is the work you missed. Since you don’t have a group to work with, you may use resources and turn this in when you return: Today’s Assignment

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Friday February 8, 2019

Hwk: Make sure you have read chapter 17, section 2. Complete the timeline notes from class, if you did not have enough time.

**The chapter 17 test is Friday February 22nd.

As a preview of the reading, we watched a video segment on key events, in Europe and N. Africa during WWII. After the video, students worked independently to determine how and why a series of events listed chronologically could be considered turning points in the war. If you were absent, follow the directions. Do not explain what happened, rather why an event was so important that it changed the course of the war at that point. The Assignment



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Thursday February 7, 2019

Hwk: Review section one, study your chart on mobilization, and/or use quizlet a little to study.

The test on chapter 17 is Friday February 22. Only students in attendance taking the test on that date will be able to contribute to their group’s bonus points.

Today we analyzed a primary source by completing 4 multiple choice test questions and discussing what evidence in the document supports the correct answer choice. Women in WWII Poster with Test Q’s   Next, students watched a video on the involvement of women in WWII.      Any study group who emails a screenshot of the Rosie the Riveter to me by 9:45 pm tonight will earn five thousand bonus points. Write your hour and group name in the subject line and attach the photo.

Finally, students read and annotated an article on the same topic, followed by 5 questions on the reading that were turned in at the end of class. If you were absent, you should complete everything in this post.  Side One    Side Two    5 Questions

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Wednesday February 6, 2019

No School Today – Ice Day

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Tuesday February 5, 2019

Hwk: Print a copy of the study guide from the blog, if you haven’t done that. 

For the first part of class, students used their assignment from yesterday on U.S. mobilization for WWII to create a chart with three categories. If you were absent, use your notes to provide as many examples as you can of ways that the U.S. mobilized economically, militarily, and socially for WWII. Here is an example of how you can set up the chart: Mobilization for WWII Chart to Follow 17-1 Reading Guide-2

Next, students played Quizlet Live on 17-1. Bonus points were earned for study groups. The number of rounds played in each hour varied. Fourth and Fifth hour were the most productive and completed the most rounds today!

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Monday February 4, 2019

Hwk: Complete the reading and notes on 17-1 from class. 

Students were informed that the test would be after the long weekend coming up on the 15th.

Today, students watched a video segment on U.S. mobilization for WWII after we discussed what it means to mobilize and various examples of how that can be done for war.     Here is the link if you would like to use it to study:

After the video, during which some students took notes, each student worked individually on the following: Today’s Assignment

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Friday February 1, 2019

**5th hour attended a presentation on Fred Korematsu, in the auditorium, which lasted the entire hour. If you are in 5th hour, there is no homework.

The roll of the die determined which day, either Tuesday or today, was the attendance bonus day in each hour.

We reviewed some of the concepts that were discussed on Tuesday regarding the internment camp experience, through the eyes of a seven year old. After that, we watched a four and a half minute video segment on the U.S. government support of Japanese internment and a brief look at the construction of the camps.

We discussed the map on page 594 and then students read 594 and 595, independently. If you were absent, all students wrote a response to item #4 at the bottom of page 595. This was collected and you should also turn it in. If you were absent, this is due Tuesday February 5th.

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