Assignment and Check-In for this week, 6/1-6/5

In order to obtain credit for this week’s work:


2. PRACTICE GRADE: Khan Academy. All levels need to be at 75% or above. I have already assigned them, this is what is due this week:

– Exponential vs. Linear Growth (4 videos, 1 article, 2 practices)

This is due by Friday, 6/5 at 10 AM. 

I AM ACCEPTING MISSING ASSIGNMENTS:  Check the gradebook to see what is missing, log into Khan and complete those levels, then email me and tell me that you are submitting late work. If you do not let me know then I will not know to change your grade for you! We have 10 days left of school, it is imperative that these are completed sooner rather than later so that you receive credit for this semester and do not have to make it up over the summer or in night school next year.

Best,Ms. Berg

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