Assignment and Hangouts for this week, 5/4 – 5/8

In order to obtain credit for this week’s work:

1. PARTICIPATION GRADE: Google Meets is not available to us right now. So for your participation check-in grade, please fill out this form that lets me know that you understand what is due this week:

2. PRACTICE GRADE: Khan Academy again this week. All levels need to be at 75% or above. I have already assigned them, this is what is due this week:

-Two variable linear equations intro (4 videos, 2 practices)

-Slope (6 videos, 1 article, 4 practices)

-Linear equations & graphs: Quiz 1 

Both of these are due by Friday, 5/8 at 10 AM. 

As always, please email me with any questions and I hope all of you are doing well :). 

Best, Ms. Berg

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