Assignments and Hangouts for this week, 4/20-4/24

Hello everyone,

As you should have seen from Dr. Maleyko and Mr. Martin’s messages this weekend, all online classwork now counts and is required to receive credit in our class. You will either receive a regular, letter grade A for completing and participating in all work each week, a G for partially completing (which is just credit – not a letter grade) or an N which is no credit.

In order to obtain credit for this week’s work:

1. Complete all work at or above a 75% on Khan Academy. I have already assigned these portions to your Khan Academy account and they are due by 10 am on Friday, 4/24:

-Linear equations wiith variables on both sides (5 videos and 2 practices)

-Linear equations with parentheses (1 video and 3 practices)

-Linear equations Quiz 1

2. You must attend 1 of the Google Hangout times. The times are listed below by hour:

 Monday and WednesdayTuesday and ThursdayFriday
1-1:401st Hour Check-In4th Hour Check-InOn Call
1:40-2:202nd Hour Check-In5th Hour Check-In
2:20-3:003rd Hour Check-In6th Hour Check-In

If you cannot make your hour on Monday or Tuesday, you can find your time on Wednesday or Thursday. You do not have to attend both times during the week to receive credit, just once. If you need help and would like to attend the second meeting to ask questions, you are welcome to join a second time.

I set up the hangouts for the rest of the year on Google Classroom and Calendar. I will send out reminder notifications tomorrow before the sessions start again just to make sure everyone has the info. If you still have not signed up for Google Classroom, the instructions are below. Please sign up ASAP.


1. Make sure you are signed into Chrome with your Google school email.

2. Go to

3. At the top, click Add +, then Join class.

4. Find your class hour and put in this code to Join my Google Classroom:

1st: jkfsaid

2nd: cp5fdmo

3rd: pdzemnm

4th: bruurvl

6th: ih2455p

5. Once you’re at your class homepage, make sure you bookmark it on chrome so it’s easy to find in the future!

Best,Ms. Berg

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