ALL HOURS REMINDER: Join Google Classroom by Sunday, 4/19

For the end of this week/weekend, the only assignment I have for you is to join Google Classroom. I know, another platform or website to join. Google Classroom is going to be the best resource for us to stay together and meet up for office hours in the future. For the rest of the school year, I’m going to utilize Google Classroom to post all assignments and resources. You need to be enrolled in your class by this Sunday, 4/19. There will not be any real “math assignments” given until Sunday (4/19) or Monday (4/20). The steps to join Google Classroom are listed below.


1. Make sure you are signed into Chrome with your Google school email.

2. Go to

3. At the top, click Add +, then Join class.

4. Find your class hour and put in this code to Join my Google Classroom:

1st: jkfsaid

2nd: cp5fdmo

3rd: pdzemnm

4th: bruurvl

6th: ih2455p

5. Once you’re at your class homepage, make sure you bookmark it on chrome so it’s easy to find in the future! 

Let me know if you have any questions and as always, stay safe :). 

Best, Ms. Berg

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