Ms. Bazzi's Fifth Grade

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Math: 20-21 in succeed Language NWEA test Finish the frayer model (Gravity) Spelling words: wreckage, disguises, column, chemical, foreign, wrinkle, moisten, character, condemn, resign, knuckle, numb, wrist, choir, wrong, wrestled, technology, mechanic, anchor, debt, Crescent, waxing, waning, quarter, gibbous, phases…
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Spelling words/Homework

NWEA testing starts tomorrow (Reading)-Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast and gets enough sleep. Homework: Math test -Module 2; a study guide was sent home. Spelling words: ¬†forgetting, expelling, transferring, equipping, regretting, flipping, wrapping, planning, beginning, compelling, dropping,…
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