May 22

Keeping up with Reading

This week we have continued to focus on our ELA content and language objectives. We have read several short stories that are folk tales. It is very important that all students continue to read assigned material so that they can perform well on comprehension questions and quizzes. There will be a final essay and final exam to wrap up the school year. Specific details will be communicated at a later date.

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May 17

Items for review 5/17/18

*Progress reports were given to all students who have a D or an E. Missing/late work was reviewed with each student in the D-E range and extra copies were given.

*NWEA testing in reading and math is complete (unless your child was absent then make-ups are today and tomorrow). We will continue with science and language at the end of the month.

*All students should have returned their copy of Where the Red Fern Grows.

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May 8

Study Guide

A study guide for Where the Red Fern Grows was distributed during class today. In order to perform your best on the upcoming summative assessment this Friday, complete the entire guide and be prepared to ask questions if you need further clarification.

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May 4

Video Reflection

We started the video of Where the Red Fern Grows in class on Thursday. We will finish the video today and work on the reflection questions to compare and contrast literary elements of both pieces.

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May 1

MStep Continues

Our 7th grade students were focused and determined during the ELA testing today. Please continue to put forth your best effort tomorrow on the Math test. Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast. You CAN and you WILL succeed! We believe in you!

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April 27

Choice Board

We read chapters 9-12 in class this week. A choice board for comprehension was given out in class yesterday. All activities are due by 5/2/18. If you do not complete a choice during class, you must complete it for homework.

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