January 29

Hot Wheels Project

If you have been absent for the first part of the new semester, please plan on coming during T-Time to finish (or do) the Hot Wheels project.  You will have to be here for multiple days (probably 3 or 4).

We have also started the Gravity Force Lab for unit 6.  If you did not complete lab 1 today in class, please make sure you are getting the data or are prepared to come to T-Time to finish up the lab.

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November 9

Unit 3 Test

We have been working on unit 3 for several weeks now.  Students had a practice test yesterday and will get it back on Monday.  There are 4 objectives to work on in iLearn if they are having trouble with any of the objectives.  There are also videos for each of the objectives to help students.  They should be working on this over the weekend if they had low scores.  The actual test will be next Wednesday.

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November 2

Unit 3

We have been working on unit 3 for several weeks now.  If you are confused because you have been absent, or just because, here are some videos to help you with the topics.  They are in ilearn, so you’ll have to log in to ilearn as well as logging in to your gmail or google drive (as the video is shared through google drive).


Our practice quiz over this material will be next week, either Wednesday or Thursday.

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October 18

Unit 3

This week we started unit 3 – motion with acceleration.  We started our lab on Thursday and will be working on analyzing the data on Friday and Monday.  Please be here!  If you were absent for the test on Tuesday, please schedule a time to make it up with Mrs. Bauman

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October 14

Ilearn & Test for Unit 2

This week on Monday we will be reviewing for the test over Unit 2.  Students have received 2 practice tests in preparation for the test.  If there are areas that they need to improve, please check Ilearn and watch the videos and do the practice quizzes.

The Ilearn practice quizzes are a MANDATORY assignment, so please try all 5 of them!  The videos are optional but recommended if there was a topic you were struggling with.

Tuesday is the Unit Test for chapter 2.  Please be ready!

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October 5

Unit 2 – Constant Velocity

Students have been taught all the information needed for Unit 2.  We will continue working on Objective 5 Monday (Motion maps) and then take another practice quiz next week.  If you are not happy with the score of your first practice quiz, please make corrections ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER and turn in stapled to your original quiz.  If you are having trouble with the corrections, please check ilearn for the videos I made to help you out:

Videos for Unit 2

Please note that you MUST be logged in to Google with your student email in order to view these videos.  We will be testing over this late next week or early the following week.

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September 15

Week of September 17th

This week there will be an assessment on WEDNESDAY (yes, I know it is a late start, you should all be ready for it by then and it isn’t long!)  On Monday and Tuesday we will be working on activities to help you with Objectives 4-6 which is where students seem to struggling the most.  Please come prepared to work!  If you are still struggling, please come after school Tuesday to get help, or check with Ms. Bauman to see if you can come Tuesday during T-Time.

Then, on Thursday and Friday we get to play with toy cars, yup, you read it correctly!  Of course, you will be expected to do some Physics with them…  always a good time!

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