May 28

Week of May 28

This week we will be working on learning about Fission and Fusion.  Please see iLearn in Unit 11 to see the material

Tuesday:  Debrief the Fission Phet

Wednesday:  Fusion article

Thursday/Friday:  Stars and the star life cycle

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April 15

Week of April 15th

Today we took a practice test on Objective 3 (drawing electric field) and Objective 4 (Drawing a magnetic field).  We went over it in class on Monday.  Tuesday we are going over Objective 2 – predicting the force change.  (Please look at your Test from before break).  For those who would LIKE, they can retake objective 1&2.  EVERYONE will be taking the summative assessment on objective 3 & 4.  If you were absent for objective 1/2, you will take the test on Wednesday with objective 3 & 4.

Thursday will be an in class activity.

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March 27

Week of 3/25

This week we are covering 2 objectives and testing them before break (so students do not forget how to do it in the week they are gone!)  The objectives are:

Calculating force between two charged objects using Coulomb’s Law (Ilearn Practice Here)

Predicting force based on changes in the distance or charge of an object based on the relationships we determined in the lab. (Ilearn Practice Here)

We will take a practice on Wednesday, do more practice/review Thursday, and take the test on Friday.  Please make sure you complete the 2 Ilearn objectives to help you study.

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March 19

Test on Momentum Tomorrow

Students have been working on that and their egg crash project for several days.  Please make sure you have completed the iLearn assignments and study for the test!  Egg crashing will occur on Thursday, make sure that you are ready and completed the written portion of your project as well.

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February 20

Test on Friday 2/22

Please be working on the iLearn assignments – they will help you on the test.  Practice 2 was given in class yesterday – answers are posted in the classroom.  Practice 1 will be returned for those who took it last Wednesday.

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January 29

Hot Wheels Project

If you have been absent for the first part of the new semester, please plan on coming during T-Time to finish (or do) the Hot Wheels project.  You will have to be here for multiple days (probably 3 or 4).

We have also started the Gravity Force Lab for unit 6.  If you did not complete lab 1 today in class, please make sure you are getting the data or are prepared to come to T-Time to finish up the lab.

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November 9

Unit 3 Test

We have been working on unit 3 for several weeks now.  Students had a practice test yesterday and will get it back on Monday.  There are 4 objectives to work on in iLearn if they are having trouble with any of the objectives.  There are also videos for each of the objectives to help students.  They should be working on this over the weekend if they had low scores.  The actual test will be next Wednesday.

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November 2

Unit 3

We have been working on unit 3 for several weeks now.  If you are confused because you have been absent, or just because, here are some videos to help you with the topics.  They are in ilearn, so you’ll have to log in to ilearn as well as logging in to your gmail or google drive (as the video is shared through google drive).

Our practice quiz over this material will be next week, either Wednesday or Thursday.

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