Project due tomorrow!

Please complete your probability project tonight, we will be using them tomorrow in class.  Also, bring your final exam review that you got last week, we will also be starting that if we have time.  Your exam is next WEDNESDAY!

Stats Quiz

We have been working on statistics for the last week (a little mini-unit).  We will have a quiz tomorrow over this.  It will be on 2 objectives:  Box & Whisker Plots and Mean/Median/Mode/Range of a data set.  Please make sure that you have completed the ilearn assignment on this before tomorrow!

Trig Test postponed until Monday

Due to my absence on Wednesday, the test will be postponed until Monday.  Please make sure you have completed the review and that you do your Pythagorean Identity HW tonight!  Check Student Connect to make sure all of your assignments are turned in, I updated it this afternoon.

Expanding Polynomials quiz

Will be on Thursday – most of you got your HW back.  Please make sure you review it.  There will be one with only variables, like (a + b)^5, and one that has numbers in it, like (x – 5)^3.

You will be able to use a calculator on the quiz!

Expanding Polynomial HW

Don’t forget to finish your expanding polynomial HW – due tomorrow!

Homework – Polynomial Expansion

For the following polynomials – write in expanded form.

1. (y + z)^4

2. (g – h)^5

3. (x – 1)^3

4. (x + 2)^4

5. (x – 3)^5

6. (x + 3)^4

Requiz on Polynomial SLOT

Here is the promised WS if you want to retake your polynomial quiz.  Sorry I did not pass them out today – I will give them to you tomorrow.  The grades are in Student Connect.  If you did NOT turn in the original SLOT work, see me.  Also, if you were absent, come make it up T, Th, or Friday.

The retest will be next week, after school.

Solving Polynomials SLOT_ProblemsforMakeup

The answers are provided – please show your work!  Also, here is a foldable from a previous year if you need additional examples – print on 2 sides, flip on the short edge.


Retesting on Polynomials

If you want to retest on Polynomials (and you are eligible) you must do that by the end of this week.  If you haven’t come to see me already, chances are you are no longer eligible, as you have to come after school, get the extra work, do the extra work, and then come and do the retest on another day.  If you have seen me, make sure that your work is turned in BEFORE you come to do the retest.