Week of 5/4 Test Friday 5/8

On Monday we did the 4th vertex of a parallelogram problem, see previous post.

Tuesday – worked on coordinate proofs, here are the documents for that (we put a graph on P. 40, then answered questions 1-3 on P. 40 – 41, P.42 was for questions 4-5, P. 44 for questions 6-8).


Coordinate Proof Activity


Wednesday – handed out review and began work on the review.


Thursday – completed review


Friday – test on Quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral work

This week we have been working on properties of quadrilaterals.  Wednesday and Thursday we did a brainstorm on what we know (specific statements) about the 4 given quadrilaterals (parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus and square).  Here are the pictures, we taped them on 31 – 33 (one per page) list them on those pages.


Here are the ones we did together (if you were absent/couldn’t see/etc.)


Please have these completed by next Wednesday, I will check them then.

We started proofs on Friday (complete on Monday), and I will check those on Wednesday as well, please have them completed.

Week of 4/20 – Quadrilaterals

We have continued working on quadrilaterals.  Monday we finished our organizer (the first part) and there was a homework assignment related to it due on Tuesday.




On Tuesday, we started some proofs about parallelograms.  Here are the ones we have done so far, we did 1 and 3 together, 2 and 4 were completed individually.  You should have 1 – 4 completed.



Quadrilaterals – week of 4/13

We have been working on quadrilaterals for the past week and a half.  We spent a couple of days in the lab on an exploration activity:

Quadrilateral Investigation

Then we made a foldable (notes) on quadrilaterals.  Here are the two parts we have completed thus far:

flow chart for foldable_completed


And there was a homework assignment which is due tomorrow 4/21  This is the front side, I will get the back side up tomorrow.


Week of March 30th

This week we have been doing some activities about volume.  Here they are:

Monday:  slicing a cube (in the computer lab, the link to use is:  https://www.learner.org/courses/learningmath/geometry/session9/part_c/index.html

Here is the worksheet, just do P. 1 and 2

Cross Sections of Solids

On Tuesday we worked on some area SLOT and then did an activity about rotating plane figures to make 3D solids (we also reviewed names of 3D figures)

Here is a link to the video:  https://learnzillion.com/student/lessons/3488


Wednesday we will do an activity with Play Doh (yes, you are not seeing things)

Play Dough Lab Activity (1)