Class Syllabus

Mrs. Bauman’s Syllabus

Building and district policies in the classroom

1.  The building P.B.I.S initiative will be followed.  Please review the behavior matrix in the student handbook and note the posted behavior expectations for the classroom.

2.  The building tardy policy will be in effect.  You will receive an after school detention after you have received 6 tardies (cumulative in ALL your classrooms, not just mine).  Be on time.

3.  The classroom is a RED ZONE.  Please do not use your cell phone unless Mrs. Bauman has specifically asked you to use it for something.  PBIS will apply if you have your phone out.

4.  The district attendance policy will apply.  If you accumulate 10 undocumented absences, you will be on audit.  To receive full credit, you will need a 78% or better on the cumulative final exam.  Otherwise, you will receive partial credit.


Important Dates

September 16th                                              Open House

October 10th                                                    End of marking period 1

October 21st/23rd                                           Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 25th                                               End of marking period 2

January 22nd    (half day)                          End of Semester 1 (marking period 3)


How you will be graded

Grading Scale

A 92.5 – 100% A- 89.5 – 92.4%
B+ 86.5 – 92.4% B 82.5 – 86.4% B- 79.5 – 82.4%
C+ 76.5 – 79.4% C 72.5 – 76.4% C- 69.5 – 72.4%
D+ 66.5 – 69.4% D 62.5 – 66.4% D- 59.5 – 62.3%
E 0 – 59.4%


The summative category shows that you have mastered a topic.  It includes projects, tests, and quizzes.  If you are absent for a test or quiz, you will be expected to make it up with 1 week of the original date.  Please check and be aware of what you miss when you are absent!  To be eligible for a retake, you must have NO incompletes on your homework.  In addition, homework must be redone until you have all 3’s or 4’s (if you already have all 3’s and 4’s, Mrs. Bauman may give you an alternate assignment before you can do the retake).

Formative (20%)

This includes homework, classwork, computer lab work, and explorations.  I COLLECT formative work, to see how you are doing.  You will receive one of the following grades:

4 Advanced.  You clearly understand the material given and could easily take a test/quiz on it at this point.  Very minor mistakes made, none are conceptual, only arithmetic.
3 Proficient.  You understand the material but are making some minor conceptual mistakes.  Look at areas suggested to bring to a 1.
2 Partially Proficient.  You have the basic grasp of the concept being studied, but there are some major areas that need work.  Look at areas suggested to bring it to a 1
1 Not Proficient.  You have little understanding of the concept being taught and need to seek additional help.

All scores will give you the full homework credit.  Only missing work receives no credit.  If you have a score of a 1 or a 2 it NEEDS TO BE REDONE before you take a test or a quiz or else you will not be ready.  Please turn in attached to the original homework to have it re-graded to show your understanding of the concept.


Zangle Codes

As you check your grades on ParentConnect or StudentConnect, you will notice some codes associated with your grade.  Here is an explanation of how I use these codes:

C Cheated.  If you are caught copying a homework assignment or cheating on a quiz or test, you will receive this.  I will take the assignment from you and you must REDO on your own to receive the credit.  Also, the person’s HW you are copying from will ALSO have their homework taken and they must redo as well.  Until you redo the assignment, it will be a ZERO.  Also, PBIS will apply.
D Dropped score.  This score will not be counted in your grade.  This could occur because you improved your score on a particular standard from a quiz or a test.  For instance, you bomb a quiz, but then you study and have mastered the material by the test.  I will then drop the quiz score.
I Incomplete.  You have not turned in the assignment.  PBIS will apply when you habitually miss assignments as homework is an extension of the classroom.
L Late.  You did not turn this in on time.  It does not affect your grade, it is informational only.
R Redone (homework) or retaken (test or quiz).  The retest score applies.
4 This is a homework code – see Formative section – Advanced.
3 This is a homework code – see Formative section – Proficient.
2 This is a homework code – see Formative section – Partially Proficient.
1 This is a homework code – see Formative section – Not Proficient.


Extra Help

If you are struggling or have a question on a problem, please email Mrs. Bauman.  I will either email you back, or go over your question in class.  I am available during 6th or 7th hour, I will not be available after school (I have to pick up my daughters at 3:30).  I am not here at school until 8:00 am (I am part time), so do not try to find me before school.


Contact Information

Email:  (try this first as I check my email often)

Voicemail:  827-7264 (if you don’t have email – but this goes to my email and I check it from there)

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