Unit 7 – Circles

Extra practice, inscribed an central angles.


Homework on inscribed/central/tangent


Vocabulary HW


Unit 6 – Quadrilaterals

GSP Lab activity – complete at least 1 – 4 (due 4/15)

Quadrilateral Investigation

Quadrilateral HW 1 (due 4/22)


Solving for x proofs


Quadrilateral – statements about quadrilaterals (in notebook P. 31-34), checked on 4/29


Quadrilateral Review for Quiz

Review for quadrilateral quiz

Intro to coordinate proof (assigned 4/30 due 5/4)

GeometryIntro to Coordinate Proofs

Parallelogram – Finding the 4th vertex (assigned 5/4 due 5/5)


Unit 5 – Right Triangles – The Pythagorean Theorem and Trigonometry

Chapter Review – Classwork 3/26


Trig Story Problems Review Classwork 3/25


I Can Review Statements – Due Wednesday 3/25


Ladder Safety Performance Task – Classwork on 3/24

geo Ladder Safety performance task

Staircase Problem – Classwork on 3/23 (mostly completed in class)


Applications of Trigonometry Worksheet #2 Classwork on March 19th


Station Activity – Review for Quiz


Homework due on 3/16 on Applications of Trigonometry

Applications of Trigonometry

Homework, due on Monday, 3/2 (make pocket on P. 15 of your notebook)

Pythagorean Thm Word problems1-10

Class work, completed on 3/2 (Glue on P. 16 of your notebook, work goes on P. 17)

Pythagorean Map

Classwork and Homework on Trigonometry and Similar Triangles – put in pocket on P. 23


Unit 4 – Similar Figures and Triangles

Classwork, proving the Pythagorean Theorem using Similar Triangles (Completed 2/25) (Put in pocket on P. 10 of your notebook)

Proving the Pythagorean Theorem Using Right Triangles_Complete

Similarity in Right Triangles Activity (2/24 Classwork – put on P. 8 & 9 of your notebook)

Similarity in Right Triangles Hands-On ActivityCompleted

Review for Test – turned in the day of the test on 2/20 (put in pocket on P. 11)

Similarity assessment REVIEW

Showing Figures are Similar worksheet (started on 2/17 – due 2/18 put in pocket on P. 7)


Similar Triangles Word Problems (due on 2/5) – put in pocket on P. 6

Similar Triangle World ProblemsBaumanVersion

Which Triangles are Similar activity – completed on 1/30 put on P. 4 and 5


Similar Triangles HW – due on 1/29 – put in pocket on P. 5


SLOT on Area

Week 1 Rectangles and Squares (Completed 1/30) – put in pocket on P. 172

Area and Perimeter of Rectangles and Squares

Week 2 Parallelograms and Triangles (Completed 2/6) – put in pocket on P. 173

Geom SLOT Area of Paralleograms and Triangles

Week 3 Trapezoids – Completed 2/23 – put in pocket on P. 174


Week 4 – 8 Application Packet – will work on until Spring Break

Geometry Area problems SLOT



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