Jun 01

Week of June 4th

We will be testing on Trigonometry on Wednesday of this week.  The review was passed out in class and students may use the 1/4 sheet with unit circle that was given to them on Friday on the test.  After that test, we will begin reviewing for the final exam.  I am available Tuesday – Friday after school next week if students want help with reviewing for the final.

May 10


We have finished our work on probability and moved to our unit on Trigonometry.  Students have learned how to:

  • Convert between degrees and radians
  • Learned about the unit circle and how to use it to find sine and cosine of an angle
  • Graph the sine/cosine from the unit circle

We will be moving into:

  • How to graph any sine/cosine function
  • How to write equations for a sine/cosine graph
  • How to use the Pythagorean Identity
Mar 25

Week of 3/25

This week we will be finishing up our mini unit on statistics.  Students took a practice quiz on Friday – if they did not do well they should come for tutoring on Tuesday and make sure they are getting all of their work completed.  Student connect is up to date as of Sunday evening.

The Summative quiz (3 objectives) will be on Thursday.  In addition, students will also have a summative project worth 1 objective that they need to turn in by Thursday.  I will only be available after school Tuesday this week.

Mar 06

Polynomial Unit

We are finishing up our polynomial unit.  There are some students who have not been keeping up with homework.  Please check student connect – accurate as of Sunday 3/4. Remember, homework is out of 2 points:

2 means you got it all correct
1 is you need to make corrections
0 is not turned in.

All homework can be redone on a SEPARATE sheet of paper, stapled to original.

Quizzes can also be redone.  Quizzes cover multiple objectives.  Students get a score of 0 – 4 on each objective:

4:  You got it, you could teach it, no mistakes
3:  Mostly got it, minor mistakes made
2:  You have an idea, but are making major mistakes
1:  You have very little idea of what to do, but it is related
0:  Not tried, or completed unrelated to what the answer should be.

Quiz corrections should also be done on a SEPARATE SHEET of paper.

Students will be receiving a practice test on Thursday.  The test will be next Tuesday, March 13th.  I am available for tutoring on Thursday and Friday of this week after school.

Dec 08

Test on Function Family

We have been working on the function family for several weeks now.  The test will be next FRIDAY!  Please go to iLearn and do the quizzes there to make sure you are studying for the test.

Objective 1:  Key characteristics  Objective 1

Objective 2:  Parent Functions  (google form quiz)  Objective 2

Objective 3:  transformations of functions:  objective 3

Objective 4:  writing equations of transformed graphs (we will be doing this next Monday/Tuesday):  Objective 4

Nov 21

iLearn assignment

If you were absent on Tuesday, November 21st, please use the following link to take a formative quiz on domain/range increasing/decreasing, etc.  You may retake this quiz as many times as you would like.  Also, you will notice that grades are updated (as of last night) in student connect.  Please work on any missing assignments over break.


Formative Quiz on Characteristics of Graphs