Random Poem Assignment PowerPoints and Assignment Directions

Below is the original Powerpoint I shared in class on the last day before break.  The Random Poetry Continued Powerpoint provides crtical insight in the process of crafting your own poem from the random words collage.

randompoem assignment

Random Poetry Continued

Below is the handout with the requirements and directions for the Random Poetry Assignment.  It further defines the task and provides grading information.

Random Poetry Requirements

Poetic Seminar: 6 Poems for All Students to Complete

You are required to complete the Poetic Seminar work for all six poems below, according to the directions provided in the previous posting.  Print each of these.  You will hand them in on March 6, each poem in an individual stapled packet with the related answers to the prompts (provided in Poetic Seminar Directions handout from previous post).


nativepoetry riot

nativepoetry reward

nativepoetry greenthumbboy

nativepoetry enlightenment

nativepoetry 1977hamer

Poetic Seminar Instructions: You’re going to love this!

So, here are the much anticipated instructions and materials relasted to the poetic seminar.  Due March 6.  Do not expect any due date extension on this, A-A-RON Mei.

nativeson poetic seminar prep

For the above link, I have tried several times to modify the text without success.  Please note that under the “Connections” portion of the preparation directions, you need to add a third prompt: 3. Discuss how the poem transcends issues of race and the black experience to convey a universal depiction of the experience we all share as humans. (For example: human emotions or thoughts or sensations we all share.) 

In the Step 3: Fishbowl portion of the document, it should have this added to the “you will” statements:

-You will be expected to discuss how the poem transcends race to convey aspects of universal  human experience.

In the “nutshell” statement, the following should be added at the end:




Examples for poetry essay responses

This should help you to write the poetry essay on the two poems assigned below.  It is a link to an ap grading guide for a poem entitled  “A Story” by Li-Young Lee.  The poem text is shared below.

Sorry, I misspelled the poem title below: should read “story,” not “stroy”

poetry li young lee a stroy