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PSAT & MStep Reminder!!!

Time is flying by so quickly…. The card marking will end in a few weeks. March 29th is the last…

Vocabulary Test on Monday!!!

Study!!!  I will also post extra credit opportunities in Google Classroom.

Test tomorrow!

Tomorrow is late start, but it is also our test day.  Test on vocabulary and Shays’s Rebellion.


Students were given a 5 Themes of Geography review packet. It’s due Tuesday, along with our Chapter 8 ISN. 5…


Students are to study their vocabulary cards and work on the ISN packet.   ALSO group projects are due by…


Students are working on vocabulary cards. They can use Chapter 8 to help complete their cards. The chapter is scanned…

Homework this weekend!

I posted an assignment in Google Classroom. It is an MStep prep assignment. It’s due by midnight on Sunday. Students…


I posted the timeline  in Google Classroom for the timeline project that groups are working on.  Students should be typing…

Study Guide Answers

Posted in Google Classroom.

Quiz Tomorrow!

Students have a quiz tomorrow. Please see Google Classroom for more information.   Also, students need to complete their Venn…

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