Mrs. Ali's Preschool Class

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Tuesday, May 19

Today is another rainy day. It will be an inside weather day, so I want you to sing some songs to your family. Can you sing the song,”Rain, rain, go away, please come back another day”? We sang this song on our rainy days in school, and I know that you can sing it to your family. Also, sing “Good Morning Mr. Sun song,” and maybe Mr. Sun will come out later in the day and dry up all the rain.

Activities for Today:

-I want you to get some uncooked pasta, like long spaghetti and make some fun things with it. How does the uncooked spaghetti feel? Is it easy or hard to break it into smaller pieces?

-Use long pieces and shorter pieces of spaghetti to make your different things.





-Your Name

-A house or something else like a car or book maybe

-See how many long pieces you have and how many shorter pieces your have, write that number on paper

-Make a pattern with the spaghetti pieces, for example, long, short, long, short

-When you are finished making all the different things, take some pictures and email them to me.

-Be sure to draw a picture of some of the things you made and tell a story about it to your family.

-Help your Mom wash the spaghetti really good and maybe your Mom can boil it and you can see how it changes after it is boiled. You can have some spaghetti for lunch.

-Go on YouTube to listen to one of your favorite stories

-Remember to do some exercise to music or watch a video.

-Explore some things on

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Monday, May 18

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and let’s hope the weather starts getting warmer. Be sure you check the Dearborn Schools Home page, and the Dearborn School cable channel for information on kindergarten registration, as well as registration for students that will be attending preschool in the fall.



It looks like it will be an indoor kind of day, with the weather not that good for outdoors. The activities for today can be done inside your house.

Activities for Today: Indoor Adventure

-Count how many windows are in your house

-Write that number on paper

–Count how many different pillows you have, remember to look in the living room, bedrooms and basement too.

-Write that number down and draw a picture of the different shape pillows that you find.

-Count how many different pairs of shoes you find and make a picture with all the colors of shoes you found

-Count how many people in your house have buttons on their clothes

-Count how many people have short sleeves on today

-Draw a picture of all the different things you found and tell your family a story about your indoor adventure.

-Be sure to write your name on your paper.

-Watch some YouTube videos on music and movement, to be sure you do some exercise

-Watch a favorite story online or YouTube and draw a picture of your favorite part, and tell your family about it.

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Thursday, May 14

I hope everyone had fun making playdough. Remember, if you take good care of it and put it in a bag, it will last a long time. You can even use cookie cutters or plastic silverware to cut it and make different designs. Be sure you keep it on the table and do not drop it on the floor. Be a good helper.

Today, I want you to get two plastic glasses of water, and do some fun things with the water. Fill only one of the plastic glasses half full with water and the other glass keep empty, and sit at the table. Get a napkin in case you spill any water, so you can clean it up.

Activities for Today:

-First, you are going to use a teaspoon to get water from one glass and put it in the empty glass.

-Count how many spoons did it take to empty the water to the other glass

-Use a straw to try and get the water to the other glass

-Now, pour the water into the other glass and see if you can pour it slowly without spilling any of the water

-If you have a dropper, use that dropper to put the water into the empty glass

-Now put water in both glasses

-Put a drop of food color in each glass and see what colors you can make and what happens when they mix together

-Draw a picture of the things you did and tell your family a story about your favorite thing

-Be sure to write your name on your paper and write the date

-Watch a story online

-Watch a music and exercise video on youtube


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Wednesday, May 13

Did you see the Air Force Blue Angels flyover Dearborn? They were amazing to see, so fast and so loud! This was a special tribute to thank our front line workers, like doctors, nurses and all the hospital workers, firefighters and police, and everyone that works in the stores , the truck drivers that deliver the food, and the many other workers that keep working so many hours, to be sure that we all have what we need. We have to give them all a big thank you for what they are doing for all of us during this COVID 19 crisis. You keep doing your part at home to stay inside, stay safe and wash your hands.

Activities for Today:

-I want you and your Mama to make playdough together. It is easy, fun and I know that you have all the ingredients in the kitchen already.


-3 Cups of flour

-1/2 cup salt

-6 Tablespoons oil

1 cup of water (add few drops of any color of food color of your choice)





Now it is time to have fun playing with your playdough, When you finish, put it in a ziplock plastic bag and you can use it for a month or more. Remember our classroom rules, keep the playdough on the table.

-Make letters with your playdough

-Make shapes and numbers with your playdough

-Make long and short worms

-Make some straight lines, zig zag lines and wavy lines

-Make some yummy food, just like you do in school and tell your family about what you are making

-When you finish cleaning up and put your playdough in a bag, wash your hands. Check to be sure you did not drop anything on the floor. If you see something, clean it up.

-Draw a picture of some of the things you made with your playdough and count how many different things you made.

-Be sure to send me pictures- I am excited to see what color playdough you made and how many different things you made with it.


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Tuesday, May 12


Our preschoolers do not need to complete all the papers for kindergarten registration. They are already registered for kindergarten. If you have moved, you need to complete a new application, and provide new address documentation. If you have not moved, then your child only has to have a new physical and updated immunizations. These two are a must for attending kindergarten. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORMS, BECAUSE YOUR CHILD IS ALREADY REGISTERED.

Preschoolers that will be attending McCollough for kindergarten, will have to check the McCollough School Home page, for details on kindergarten. McCollough will probably be doing a virtual kindergarten round-up in August. If your preschooler is attending another school, please check that schools website for information on kindergarten.

Today is going to start out as a nice warm day, and I would like you to go outside this morning, at around 11:30 -12:25. The Blue Angels Air Force Planes are going to flyover Dearborn. You can look up into the sky and see an AMAZING and FAST FLYOVER IN THE SKY.

Activities for Today:

-Draw a picture of what you saw in the sky today and have your family write a story. Remember to write your name on your paper and email a picture to me.

-Use your sidewalk chalk and write your first name on your driveway or sidewalk

-Write some numbers and shapes on the sidewalk

-Be sure to go on and practice the ABC’s

-Read a story to your family and tell them your favorite part of the story

-Remember to make your plan of work for work play time and tell your family your favorite part of your day.

-Be sure to clean up.

-Help with making lunch or dinner or setting the table for your family

-Be sure to get your exercise today, maybe outside in your backyard or watch a Youtube music and movement video and have fun!

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Monday, May 11

I hope you had a nice weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with your wonderful Moms. I am attaching another schedule for you to use as a guide for your preschool learning at home.


 Work Time

12:00-12:10Or 5 to 10 MinutesPlan for Work Time (playtime):  Build your child’s ability to organize their time by having them make a “plan” with you about what they would like to play with.  Children do this everyday with us at school.  It helps children learn to organize their thoughts. Adults make plans all the time to organize their thoughts (shopping lists are made before going to the grocery store, to do lists are made to help plan your day etc..).  
Kids will tell you what they are planning to do/want to play with/how they will use toys at home. 

التخطيط لوقت العمل ( وقت اللعب): ساعد طفلك على بناء مهارة تنظيم الوقت بوضع خطة  معهم عن لعبهم. هذا ما كان يفعله كل الطلاب كل يوم في المدرسة. هذا يساعد الأولاد على تنظيم أفكارهم. الأهل أيضا يضعون خطط دائما لتنظيم أفكارهم مثل قائمة التسوق قبل الذهاب إلى المتجر, كتابة قوائم يساعد على تنظيم اليوم….. الأولاد سوف يخبروكم ما هي خطتهم/ ماذا سيلعبون/ مع من سيلعبون/ ماذا سيستخدمون من أدوات في لعبهم. 
12:10-1:10or1 hr.Work Time: Kids play WITHOUT ELECTRONICS  Kids can use toys to pretend play, build, and create.وقت العمل :  يجب أن لا يستعمل الأولاد الإلكترونيات . يستطيع الأولاد استخدام الألعاب التي تساعدهم في  التخيل و البناء و الإبداع  
1:10-1:25or15 minClean Up:  Kids clean up the mess they have made while playing.وقت التنظيف: ينظف الأولاد الفوضى التي نتجت عن لعبهم.
1:25-1:35or5 to 10 min Recall:  Build your child’s memory of events by having your child tell you what they did while they played (ask “tell me how you did that” or “what did you do next?”)وقت التذكر: بناء ذاكرة الأولاد و مراجعة الأحداث عن طريق جعل طفلك يعيد سرد ما قام به خلال وقت اللعب( اسال طفلك: اخبرني كيف قمت بذلك؟ أو ماذا فعلت بعد ذلك؟)
Lunch or DinnerPrepare lunch: have your child help you prepare lunch.  They can help with cooking/setting tables- whatever seems appropriate for the meal time.تجهيز وجبة الطعام: اعط الفرصة لطفلك بمساعدتك بتجهيز الغداء. الأولاد يستطيعون المساعدة بالطبخ/ تجهيز الطاولة- 

READ ALOUD –  There’s an Alligator under My Bed

 القصة السماعية: هناك تمساح تحت سريري                                    

This is another one of our read aloud books that we have read in class. Your child should be able to tell the story as they go.

.هذا كتاب من الكتب التي قرأناها في الصف. يجب على طفلك أن يكون قادرا على إعادة إخبار القصة كما سمعها.

Here is a link to a read aloud:” allowfullscreen=””>

 Activities for today:

-Color a picture of your favorite part of the story, “There’s an Alligator Under My Bed, and have your family write your story on the paper

-See how many pictures you can cut out of the supermarket magazine, that the alligator would like to eat

-Count all the different foods you cut out

-Which color had the most pictures

-Be sure to glue all the pictures that you cut out on your paper

-Write your first and last name on your paper and hang it up

-Be sure to practice learning all of your letters and the sounds


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Thursday, May 7

It is going to be another beautiful day today, so let’s get outside and go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt, together with your family. This is great exercise, and will help you look and observe everything around you. This activity will also help you learn and build new vocabulary words, and build your understanding and comprehension. You know what the best part is? You will have so much fun together!

Activities For Today: Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt with your family

This is a list of things to look for:

-A house with a white door

-A house with a black railing

-A house with chairs on the porch

-A red car, a blue car, a white car and a black car

-A truck

-A garbage can and a recycle bin

-A fire hydrant

-A stop sign

-A bicycle

-A house with an address that has the numbers 2, 4 or 6

-A front porch with a light on

-Flowers growing

-A basketball net

-A basketball or ball

-A decoration on the front door

-A car license plate that starts with the letter of your first name

-An open garage door

-A red bird and a blue bird


-Be sure to take some pictures and email them to me.

-Write a story about your scavenger hunt adventure with your family and send me a picture of it.

-Watch a story on YouTube and share your favorite part of the story with you family.

Remember, to give your Mom the special card you made for her on Sunday, May 10 for MOTHER’S DAY. Make her a special breakfast too.

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Wednesday, May 6

It was so good seeing many of you yesterday, and the smiles on your faces! It brought a big smile on my face too. We hope you liked your bag full of goodies and fun stuff to do.

I am working on the recommendations, for the students going to kindergarten and the students recommended for Young 5’s. I will complete the paperwork by the end of this week. It is so important to send me the T Chart I showed you how to make, with the letters your child knows and the letters that still need to be learned. You update the list each day, as they know more letters.


-Decorate the card you started yesterday, with some pretty flowers, be sure to use different color crayons or markers

-Cut out pictures of flowers or your Mamas favorite things and glue the pictures on the card

-Be sure to write your name, so your mom knows it is from you. Write

Love, ____________________ (your name on the line)

-Help your mom with the laundry today, help match the socks, fold towels and put your clothes away

-When you make your plan for work play time, have your mom or dad record your story plan on their phone and listen to your story later

-During your work time, see how many different color of toys you have and see which color has the most toys

-See which color has the least number of toys

-Make something out of all the toys, and then tell your family a story about what you made, and they can write your story on paper, after you finish drawing a picture of what you made

Have a fun day and go outside to play… it is a beautiful sunny day:)))

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Tuesday, May 5

I hope everyone is doing good. Be sure to look on your porch later today, because we will have a bag full of surprises for you. Have fun!

On Sunday, May 10th, we celebrate Mother’s Day. If we were in school, we would be making a special project for your wonderful Mama. So, today, I want you to make a special card for your Mama. It will be a fun and special art project. You will give her the card on Sunday, and give her a BIG HUG and say Happy Mother’s Day.

Activities for Today:

-Find some construction paper, or white paper or any kind of paper

-Get your art supplies ready, you will need crayons, markers, scissors, glue, and any other craft stuff, like glitter or stickers

-Draw and color five hearts or more, and cut the hearts out

-Glue the hearts on a big paper, and decorate the card with anything you want, so it will look special for your Mama.

-Ask your Baba or your older brother or sister to write your special story about why you love your Mama so much and what fun things you do together.

-Start the story like this: I LOVE MY MAMA BECAUSE SHE…

-Be sure you also go on to practice learning all the letters of the alphabet and listen to the stories that you like to hear.

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Monday, May 4

Please share this information to families, neighbors and friends about Preschool registration.



Dearborn Schools offers a Free Preschool Program

GSRP is a free program for all eligible families and is designed to give a high quality preschool experience prior to Kindergarten. 

 Eligibility is primarily based on family income (federal poverty level), life experiences and child’s age.   If your child’s birth date is between December 2, 2015 to December 1, 2016, your child may qualify for this program.  

If you would like to be sent information about registration for the 2020-2021 school year please fill in the GSRP Interest Form 2020-2021 and someone will contact you as we start the registration process. 

If you have any other questions please email Amy Modica

تنبيه الى جميع الأسر التي لديها طفل يبلغ من العمر أربع سنوات

 مدارس ديربورن تقدم برنامج مرحلة ما قبل المدرسة المجاني

  GSRP هو برنامج مجاني لجميع الأسر المستحقة ويهدف إلى إعطاء تجربة ما قبل المدرسة جودة عالية قبل الروضة. 

 يعتمد الأهلية في المقام الأول على دخل الأسرة (مستوى الفقر الفيدرالي) ، وتجارب الحياة وعمر الطفل.   إذا كان تاريخ ميلاد طفلك بين 2 كانون الأول 2015 إلى 1 أيلول 2016 ، فقد يكون طفلك مؤهلاً لهذا البرنامج.  

إذا كنت ترغب في أن يتم إرسال معلومات حول التسجيل للسنة الدراسية 2020-2021 ، يرجى املاء نموذج  GSRP 2020-2021 وسيتصل بك أحد الأشخاص عند بدء عملية التسجيل. 

إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة أخرى ، يرجى إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى Amy Modica

Activities for Today:

-Our focus for today is going to be opposites- short and long

-Find some things in your house that are short

-Find some things that are long

-Count how many short things you have and write that number on paper

-Count how many long things you have and write that number on paper

-Which objects have more, the short or long objects

-Make lines on your paper that are short and some that are long

-Look at the different letters and see which letters have lines, both short and long lines

-Get a piece of spaghetti and make long and short pieces

-See what you can make with these pieces, maybe a shape, a letter

-Read a book and tell your family if it was a long story or a short story

-Tell your family your favorite part of the story

*Looking forward to seeing you this week, as we drop off your goody bags*

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