Mrs. Ali's Preschool Class

Dearborn Public Schools

Thursday, June 4

on June 4, 2020

It was great talking to everyone these last few days on the phone. Today, I will post helpful information for you to refer to throughout the summer. I would also like for you to go back and repeat the activities on my Blog, from weeks ago. It is good to repeat the lesson for better understanding. Most importantly, please continue the learning with all of your children, throughout the summer. Children forget what they have learned, if they do not continue the learning all the time.

Remember, we have one special project that we were not able to finish, due to the schools being closed. In the fall, when they are finished, we will give the project to each of you.


-All the capital and lowercase letters

-Shapes, colors

-Recognize numbers out of order 1-20

-Count 1-30

-Write first and last name

-Write the numbers and letters

-Read books to your child and have your child “pretend read” books to the family

-Be sure to use the many preschool and educational websites that we have shared with you. Also, google search preschool science activities, reading, art, music movement, letters, numbers, shapes and just about anything for good learning for all children. YouTube and google search have good resources for education.

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