Mrs. Ali's Preschool Class

Dearborn Public Schools

Thursday, May 28

on May 28, 2020

It is so hard to believe, that this is the end of May. On Monday, it will be a new month called June. You know what that means? Summer vacation is almost here, and you will be going to kindergarten, in a new classroom and a new teacher. We will still see you as you walk down the red hall, so we are happy that you will be in our red hall too.


-We are going to continue using the playdough and make some of your favorite foods, just like you do at our playdough table in the classroom. Remember, all the different foods you make for us in the classroom, and we have so much fun together, pretending to eat all that food? Today, I want you to make some of your favorites for your family.

-Make some of your favorite fruits

-Make some of your favorite vegetables (Make Reggie Rainbow happy)

-Make some of your favorite things you like when you barbecue outside

-Make some of your favorite salads

-Make some of your favorite spaghetti

-Make your favorite foods

-Make your least favorite foods

-Make some of your favorite ice cream

-Make some of your favorite cookies

-Make some of your favorite candy

-Make some of your favorite pizza

-Make the animal that the milk and beef come from ( Hint- Cow)

-Make a garden to show where all the vegetables grow

-Make some trees, where some of the fruit grow, like apple, peach, plum, oranges

-Draw a picture and tell your family a story about all the things you made with your playdough

-Watch a YouTube about healthy foods and where they grow

-Be sure to get some exercise, to build your body and brain to get strong and healthy.


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