Mrs. Ali's Preschool Class

Dearborn Public Schools

Wednesday, May 20

on May 20, 2020

We have been inside our houses for a few days, because of all the rain. I am so glad that Mr. Sun came out and dried up all the rain.

Activities For Today:

Today, I would like for you to make a noise maker. Sometimes, a noise maker is called a rain stick, because of the sound it makes when you move it around slowly, or shake them fast. It sort of sounds like rain falling down. You can make a noise maker out of a paper plate, or an empty paper towel tube or an empty toilet paper roll. It is easy and so much fun to play with.

Supplies Needed:

-One or two paper plates, big or small size, or empty paper towel tube or empty toilet paper roll

-Stapler and any kind of tape

-Few spoons of uncooked rice, or beans, or little rocks

-Crayons or markers

Directions How to Make:

If using a toilet paper tube or toilet paper roll, follow these steps:

-If you are using paper towel tube or toilet paper roll, first tape one end completely, so nothing can fall out.

-Next, put some rice or whatever you are going to use, and drop in into the other open end.

-Now it is time to tape up this end, so nothing can fall out.

-You can decorate the outside of the noise maker.


If using paper plates, follow these steps:

-Lay the paper plate on the table, and put the rice, beans or rocks on the plate.

-Next, put the other plate on top and staple the plates together, all around to seal the edges, so nothing falls out.

-If you want, just use one plate, and fold it in half, then staple the edges.

-You can color and decorate the plate noise maker


More Activities to do with your Noise Makers:

-Tap and count

-Touch different parts of your body

-Play a game with your family, so they can say position words like, on, behind, in front of, on the side, under, above, and you have to put the noise maker wherever they say.

-Watch a Youtube of Jack Hartmann or GoNoodle and tap and move to the music.

-Say your ABC’s and tap your noise maker

HAVE FUN:)))))

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