The spelling words for the week of Jan. 16

The words for this week are:

  1. shook
  2. would
  3. could
  4. should
  5. crook
  6. example
  7. mayor
  8. government
  9. weathering
  10. erosion
  11. light
  12. night
  13.  right
  14. laugh
  15. stare

Study these words everyday, the spelling test will be Friday.

Spelling homework:

Monday: four times each

Tuesday: abc order

Wednesday: ten words in grammatically correct sentences

Thursday: Study your words

Friday: Spelling test

The spelling words for Jan. 8


Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to school! I hope you all had a wonderful break:)

The words for the week of Jan. 8 are:

  1. Churn
  2. clerk
  3. third
  4. first
  5. burst
  6. octagon
  7. cone
  8. square
  9. oval
  10. triangle
  11. circle
  12. pentagon
  13. facts
  14. better
  15. about

Practice these words everyday, the spelling test will be Friday!

Over the break


The winter break checklist was sent with your child. I have also copied it into this page. Students have been asking me about the reading response, even though it is not included in the checklist, they can do two reading response. Please have your child read every night, it is critical to keep up the habit of reading. We will be testing (DRA and NWEA) when we come back, so it’s important  for them to be working over the break. I did tell them to have fun but to also do work.

They also have a project sheet, the project is not due until Jan.16. They have three options, using a construction paper, a poster, or the template included. If they choose to use the construction paper or the poster, they will include the same information asked on the template.


Thank you parents for everything. Enjoy the break with your families.




*Winter Break Checklist*

Try to complete as much as you can during break.

Happy New Year! 🙂


  • Study Island:
    • ELA
    • Math


  • Mobymax (fact fluency or math)


  • Read every night


  • Nonfiction Book Report (due January 16, 2018)


Students came home today with a math review.

Tomorrow: Late start, school will start at 9:35.

Thursday: Unit 4 math test.

Friday: Activity in the morning and sing along at 3.

Friday’s activity

On Friday morning, we will be decorating Gingerbread Men to wrap up our book study of this story. We will also be making picture frames.  If you are able to sign up and donate any of the following items it would be greatly appreciated.

M&M  (3 bags), Pull and Peel twizzlers (3 bags), plates  (25), spoons (25), Dots candy (3 boxes), and white frosting (2 containers).

If you are able to help, please comment using my iblog or classdojo.

Thank you for all your help and support!