New assignment Wednesday 4/1/20 – due Thursday 4/2/20

New Assignment Wednesday 4/1/20 Due Thursday 4/2/20

Spelling – Write a spelling story in your spelling grammar notebook. Underline the words. Make sure your story flows together.


  1. Write a CER (Claim Reasoning Evidence) in your writing journal on one article in your “Escape Pompeii” Scholastic news. Look at your old CER writing as an example.
  2.  Pick a claim – I strongly believe that….
  3. Then you write your evidence (3 pieces of evidence from the text).
  4. Reasoning (These are the reasons that I..)

Silent Reading

  1. Readworks assignment (go to, use class code AXHMKH and password is 1234.  Choose 2 stories and do the questions. 
  2. If you get 2 questions wrong, you need to re do the assignment.


  1. Do Lesson 5 in your LEARN book.
  2. Make sure to watch the video before you start so that you understand what you need to do.
  3. The video is shared on class dojo and google classroom.


  1. Go to Study Island and complete the Adjectives and Adverbs assignment

Exact Path-

  1. Go on exact path through clever and complete up to 2 or more lessons of your choice.
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