New Assignment Monday 3/23/20 due Tuesday 3/24/20

New Assignment Monday 3/23/20 due tomorrow by the end of the day Tuesday 3/24/20

New Spelling Words for This Week:

  1. Tickle
  2. Puddle
  3. Giggle
  4. Bubble
  5. Middle
  6. Cycle
  7. Habitat
  8. Ecosystem
  9. Prey
  10. Predator

– Write the words 3 times and write spelling sentences.


  1. Write about what you did over the weekend. Make sure to add lots of details. (Write 2 pages or more)

Silent Reading

  1. Readworks assignment (go to, use class code AXHMKH and password is 1234 and choose 2 stories and do the questions.


  1. Do Lesson 1 in your LEARN book.
  2. Make sure to watch the video before you do it so that you understand how to do it. I sent the video on class dojo and google classroom.
  3. Also, go to and log in with google. Make sure you are signed into your student google email. Complete as many lessons as you can.


  1. New assignment on study Island (ELA reading 3/22/20). Verbs and Adjectives. Please enter study island through clever. I have instructions on how to access clever on my blog and on class dojo.

Exact Path-

  1. Go on exact path through clever and complete up to 5 lessons of your choice.
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