February 12

Week of February 12:

Monday, February 12:

In an effort to better prepare for tomorrow’s quiz, the students spent the hour traveling the classroom to collect data from 6 Different Sets in order to create Dot Plots and find the Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and any Outliers. Anything not finished in class must be finished for homework and turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13:

Quiz today! Make sure that you’ve mastered Dot Plots and analysis!

After the quiz, students picked up and worked their way through a review of Finding the Missing Value from the Mean. Making sure to show their work for full credit, students turned in their worksheets by the beginning of class tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 14:

Since we’d just taken a quiz on the majesty of Dot Plots, it seemed like a good idea to get started on the next representation of our data: Histograms!

Thursday, February 15:

We wrapped up our discussion of histograms today, making sure to answer the summary questions on the last page of our notes before moving on to the two practice sheets for the day.

Notes – Histograms

Worksheet from the notes – Histogram Practice

Second Worksheet – Dot Plots vs Histograms

Friday, February 16:


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February 6

Week of February 5:

Monday, February 5:

After we demonstrated our mastery of finding the central tendency (mean, median, and mode) of a data set last week, we decided to switch things up a bit. Today, we figured out how to use the mean of a data set in order to work backwards and calculate a missing value from the set.

Mean and Missing Value

After finishing our notes, we worked on a Missing Value Practice Sheet (p.2) in order to really drive those skills home. Anything not finished in class became homework.

Tuesday, February 6:

Since so many of our classmates were absent yesterday, Moylan and Barbier decided that it would be best to use today as a way to get everyone caught up and ready to use our skills from the unit so far. Anyone who was absent made sure to pick up the notes and get them copied from someone who was present yesterday.

Everyone also got to work on Another Practice of all the skills we’d learned so far this semester.

Wednesday, February 7:

Late Start Today! Plan Accordingly!

With our shortened schedule today, we got started on another way to represent our data instead of the tables we’ve been seeing: Dot Plots! We didn’t quite have enough time to finish the notes, so look for the complete set tomorrow!

Thursday, February 8:

We finished up the notes that we’d begun yesterday, adding in a thrilling discussion of what makes a statistical question.

Dot Plots

After the notes, students got to work on a practice sheet about Creating and Reading a Dot Plot

Friday, February 9:

Snow Day! Enjoy the day off!

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January 31

Week of January 29:

Monday, January 29:

1/2 Day Today! Plan Accordingly!

We settled into our new schedules today and discussed important classroom policies, the big three were: Zero Tolerance on Electronics, Must Sit in Assigned Seat, and You are Responsible for Your Grade.

Tuesday, January 30:

Today marked the beginning of our first unit of second semester: Probability and Statistics! We talked about a wide range of real-world connections and how these topics relate to our lives before getting the 6 key words which serve as the basis for our statistical analysis.

Intro to Prob and Stats

Wednesday, January 31:

We wanted to make sure that everyone had a good, solid understanding of those 6 key terms from yesterday, so we made Word Wall Posters! Partnerships competed against each other to create the best possible poster for each term; winning teams get their posters hung up for the glory of every class to see as well as some extra credit piled on top of their grade.

Students who missed out on class today will have to create their own “poster” (using a piece of computer paper will be fine) with the Title, Definition, and an Example of one of the vocabulary terms from the notes.

After finishing their posters, students got to pick up a Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Practice Sheet. Anything not finished in class became homework, to be checked in at the beginning of class tomorrow!

Answer Key

Thursday, February 1:

Practice on Range and Outliers

Friday, February 2:

Students had a shot at extra credit today as we competed against one another to score the top 5 spots in Kahoot. In order to get credit for today, students had to show their work/thinking on a separate sheet of paper with their name and username.

Anyone who was absent today will receive credit after completing and turning in a complete Mean Median Mode Range Review Sheet

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January 22

Week of January 22:

Monday, January 22:

Today was all about getting our review on! Students had the whole hour to work on their reviews, asking their classmates and Moylan/Barbier for help when needed. Remember, all four reviews are due for credit at the end of the hour tomorrow!

Moylan and Barbier explained that the review books we made last week will be available to the students during their finals next week. But you may only use the ones with your name on them,  and they will be turned in along with the exam in order to get your credit. If Moylan or Barbier find anything in the books (and yes, we will be checking before the exam), that book will be confiscated and will not receive any credit.

Tuesday, January 23:

Today was our last actual day of class for the semester (yes, you may now begin crying). Students had one last hour to work on their reviews, really anything to help them prepare for their Algebra 2B Final.

Everything was due at the end of the hour today, so make sure that you’ve got it all squared away!

Wednesday, January 24:

Finals Today! Half Day! Excitement!

Hours 1 & 2; Good luck, you’re going to rock it!

Thursday, January 25:

Finals Today! Half Day! Excitement!

Hours 3 & 4; Good luck, you’re going to rock it!

Friday, January 26:

Finals Today! Half Day! Excitement!

Hours 5 & 6; Good luck, you’re going to rock it!

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January 16

Week of January 15:

Monday, January 15:

No School! Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Tuesday, January 16:

We started our final project today in class, creating the first of our 4 review books. Mr. Moylan prompted the class with questions about key concepts from our Families of Functions unit and then we wrote down the appropriate answers. This review book will be a fantastic tool to use as we continue preparing for finals next week.

Function Families Review

Wednesday, January 17:

Late Start today, plan accordingly!

We continued reviewing and preparing for our finals today by creating a review book for Systems of Equations and Inequalities.

Systems of Equations Review

Thursday, January 18:

We continued reviewing and preparing for our finals today by creating a review book for Quadratics.

Quadratics Review

Friday, January 19:

We finished our review project today with a booklet on Power Rules and Radicals.

Power Rules and Radicals Review

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January 9

Week of January 8:

Monday, January 8:

Fresh back from our 2 week break, we buckled down and got to work preparing for our finals at the end of the month. We started off revisiting how to solve one- or two-step equations and then moved from there into how to solve inequalities and what those solutions mean.

Tuesday, January 9:

We continued talking about inequalities today, focusing on how to solve them and plot the solutions on a number line. Students turned in the Solving Equations and Inequalities Review Worksheet from yesterday and then were given more practice on Solving and Graphing Inequalities (which, if not finished in class, is to be completed as homework).

Wednesday, January 10:

After the super simple task of putting inequalities on number lines, we wanted to get back into the swing of graphing lines on a coordinate plane, so we started putting our inequalities on them. They’re graphed very much like a linear equation, with the one real difference being that we have to shade part of our graph.

Graph Linear Inequalities

Thursday, January 11:

We told you guys it was coming! Today, we brought systems of equations back to the main lesson, with the twist of solving systems of inequalities instead. We decided that the solution to these systems was not just a single point anymore, but was instead the entire area where the shading overlapped (unless it was on a dotted line).

Solve Systems of Inequalities

Friday, January 12:

After bell work today, we decided to continue our review of systems by playing kahoot. Students had to keep track of their nickname for the game and their work on a sheet of paper which was turned in at the end of the game. After the Kahoot, Moylan passed back our quizzes from before break so that students could do their Quiz Corrections, which are due in one week (on Friday, January 19th)!

Students who were absent today and want to make up their credit will have to complete the following worksheet: Graphing Inequalities Problems and turn it in ASAP.

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December 19

Week of December 18:

Monday, December 18:

Today we spent the hour looking more in-depth at our rules of exponents when we have multiple bases in our expression. We also took the time to explain which rule we were using in each step and how it works.

Exponent Rules – Multi Variable

Tuesday, December 19:

After finishing up that last page in our notes from yesterday, we started working on more practice with these complex problems. There were 22 problems with the answers already posted around the room, but Moylan and Barbier wanted to make sure that everyone was understanding how each rule worked, so students need to show the steps for each problem, not just the answer.

Multi-Variable Exponent Rules Practice Sheet  – Anything not finished in class is homework. We will go over it and check it in tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 20:

Late Start Today! Plan Accordingly!

With our shortened class period today, as well as Mrs. Barbier being absent, Moylan gave the students a Rules of Exponents and Expanding Expressions Quiz Review to work on during class, reminding them that the review would look remarkably similar to tomorrow’s quiz and that it would be checked in before the quiz.

Students also had the option to check their answers using the Quiz Review Key at the front of the class as well as to come hang with Barbier and Moylan after school for some extra help today.

Thursday, December 21:

Quiz today on our bell work and the rules of exponents! Hopefully you’ve been studying everything! Also, make sure that yesterday’s quiz review gets turned in so that you get your credit.

Friday, December 22:

As a nice, easy start to our Winter Break, we decided to actually watch a video in class. Students had to watch the video and answer 4 easy questions at the end in order to get their credit for today.

Donald Duck in MathMagic Land

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December 12

Week of December 11:

Monday, December 11:

With Mrs. Barbier out of the classroom, we continued to review our rules of exponents at 6 stations. We got to work in any group we liked, but had to make sure that we got 6 problems done at each of the 6 stations.

Tuesday, December 12:

Since we’re still struggling with our 7 rules of exponents, we got another MultiVariable Practice Worksheet to practice 12 more problems. However, after a 3 minute head start, Mr. Moylan rolled the die and started calling people up to the board to work through the problems so that we could check our answers and demonstrate that we were actually practicing. Again, this worksheet was turned in at the end of the hour for the teachers to check over.

Wednesday, December 13:

In order to reaffirm our knowledge of the 7 exponent rules, Mrs. Babrier went through our notes from before again, but with her own spin on some of them. Any students who felt that they knew how to use the rules had the option to skip going over the notes again and instead worked on some challenge/extension problems from Mr. Moylan where they had to check another student’s work and find any mistakes in using the 7 exponent rules.

Rules of Exponents Notes – Barbier

Thursday, December 14:


Friday, December 15:

Students spent 20 minutes working on the worksheet attached to the notes from Wednesday and then we went over the answers together. The work was checked in for credit toward the end of the hour.

Worksheet p1 p2

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December 12

Week of December 4:

Monday, December 4:


Tuesday, December 5:


Wednesday, December 6:

In order to review for our quiz tomorrow, we spent the hour working on our Fractional Exponents Review before turning it in for credit.

Thursday, December 7:

Quiz today on our rational exponents!

Friday, December 8:

After looking over the quizzes from yesterday, Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier decided that we needed to spend more time revisiting the rules of exponents. So the class went through as much of the Exponent Rules Extension Worksheet as we could during class and turned it in at the end of the hour.

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November 28

Week of November 27:

Monday, November 27:

We celebrated our return from break with the beginning of our new unit, which will be all about the special properties of different types of exponents. We started off by reviewing the 7 Exponent Rules from last year.

Tuesday, November 28:

In order to continue practicing and strengthening our mastery of the exponent rules, students spent today working their way through a two sided Exponent Rules Practice sheet. We then spent the last 15 minutes of class putting answers on the board and discussing them. Students had to turn in their work at the end of the hour for credit; anyone who was absent will need to complete the worksheet and turn it in ASAP for their credit.

Wednesday, November 29:

Today we took the next step in our journey through exponents by looking into the sublime reality of fractional exponents. We used some of our rules from earlier in the week to help us through the process, but overall it seemed that the students were able to grasp how these types of exponents work.

Rational Exponents

Thursday, November 30:


Friday, December 1:


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