Monday, September 28th Assignments-Welcome to Prek!

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Always do this FIRST!
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9:30: Zein
10:00: Maryam
10:30: Rama
11:00: Linda
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Watch and listen to the story of the day.
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Practice writing your name EVERYDAY for
about 5 minutes! 

* Parents, this maybe just one letter a day, or a
first name, etc. meet your child at their level!
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Song: ABC Song

Movement: Pop See Ko

Sing, dance and follow along!
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you do? How will you do it? Are you going to play with toys
or use your imagination? Talk with your grown up about what
you plan to do!

Work time لعب الاختيار الحر: Free choice play, no technology,
60 mins or more! Have Fun!
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supplies you used during work time. 

Recall time تذكر: What did you do during work time? What
did you enjoy or not enjoy? What could you do differently?
Talk with your grown up about what you did during work time. 
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svHnJdkcgM9GKHVxZbLUL9C2x4uMYYS8IzB61RlpXRwiIz8vgyTu4KvisoZxilxYTWwPGTyn4x_AHDEGQFQqHVnDEIpPnDT8m_oHgg8SmMHycbRNJkSHINX4QGvmzS2Yl4epJCJnDaily To-Do Task مهام يومية: Materials: 1st page of journal (use the back of the first one) and crayons or pencil 

 Draw a picture of yourself. This is called a self portrait. Only YOU should be in the picture. Look in a mirror to help you if you need to!

Remember to turn to the first page of the Journal. Please only use the first page, if you would like to continue coloring, use other paper!  *Parents: allow your child to draw it how they want. I am not looking for perfection, I am looking to see what they can do for themselves.    
 Be sure to upload a picture or video into the “Submit Assignment” area on the right side of your screen. Thank you!

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