Letters Qq and Rr; Number 2

This past week we introduced letters Qq (Queenie Queen) and Rr (Reggie Rooster). We are almost to the end of the alphabet! Keep up the practice at home. Students are making a lot of growth with both letter recognition and sounds! We also worked on writing number 2 this week. Next week we will work on number 3 and letter Ss.

We focused again on ordering numbers 1-5 and showing their quantities. Many students have mastered the skill and have begun focusing on numbers 6-10. The hot chocolate mug sheets you found in your child’s folder are a great way to practice that skill! Look to Google Photos for images of the activities we did to practice. *Please also practice scissor skills!*

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Monday: Dress to Impress (Dress fancy!) (If able, pay $1 for children of Yemen)

Tuesday: Sports Day/Oakman Gear (If able, pay $1 for children of Yemen)

Wednesday: Meet at Cotter at 10:30. (No backpacks necessary). You will sign in at the front table. You will move around the building to different activities with your child including a visit with Santa and Princess Elsa! Lots of winter fun to be had:)

Thursday: Half Day (Pick up at 11:30). PAJAMA DAY!

Winter Break: December 21-January 6th.

Letters O and P; Number 1

This week we introduced Letter Oo (Ozzie Octopus) and Pp (Pippa Pig). After doing an assessment on uppercase letters only, along with their letter sounds, it is very clear that you are all continuing to work with your children at home and there has been such a difference! They have showed lots of growth and are doing fantastic with letter recognition! Keep up the hard work.

This past week we really focused on writing our names both first and last. Those have gotten better as well and are displayed in the hallway.

We are getting better at putting numbers in order 1-5 and showing the amount corresponding to that number. Photos of an activity to display that are in google photos! (penguin activity). We have two activities planned this week to further strengthen that skill. Some children will begin working on numbers 6-10 as they have mastered the skill.

Link to Google Photos:




*On December 19th-meet at Cotter from 10:15-11:30 for Winter Fair. (Note to go home this week)

*Half day and Pajama Day on December 20th which will begin our winter break until January 7th.


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Picture Re-Take Day

This Wednesday will be picture re-take day. If you are interested, please send in your child’s picture package from the first round to turn back in.

Winter Fair at Cotter-Specific Time

Our designated time for Winter Fair at Cotter (on Wednesday, December 19th) is from 10:15-11:30.

Get there on time as they have this specific time set up for our classroom, along with a few other GSRP classrooms in the district!

This Week…

We have introduced letters Ll (Larry Lion), Mm (Mimi Mouse), and Nn (Nyle Noodle). This week I have noticed a lot of students recognizing many more letters and we are so proud of the hard work they are displaying! Keep up the hard work at home. Next week we will introduce letters Oo (Ozzie Octopus) and Pp (Pippa Pig).

We have transitioned to writing both first and last names, so while working on this at home, begin writing the last name as well. Have conversations about what name is first and last, as this is a bit confusing when first learning it. Also discussing the difference between the uppercase and lowercase letters is super helpful!

We introduced number 0 (ZERO) this week and will be moving on to number 1 next week. We are taking numbers slowly, and understanding the concept of how many you need to show that number and how to write it.

Congratulations to our friends who were honored at the Celebration Assembly yesterday! We are proud of their hard work and it was a tough choice, as many of our friends are working hard on good behavior and academics!

Most Improved: Amar Ali and Ali Almemar

Bucketfillers: Ali Ismail, Ali Elzaghir, and Naya Assaf

*Please encourage children to understand that they may not have gotten a turn this time, but to keep working towards next celebration assembly!

Important December Dates

Here are some of the important dates in December:

December 19: Winter Fair at COTTER school. (Time to be determined). This is in place of our December parent meeting. You will bring your child for fun winter activities and special bonding time with mom, dad, or both to Cotter school! More information will be provided once Cotter has the times in place:) (You will not bring your child to Oakman that day at all.)

December 20: Half Day for PreK (11:30 pick up) and PAJAMA DAY!

Winter Break: December 21-January 6th. Return to school on January 7th.

Letters Kk and Jj

This week we introduced letters Jj (Jumping Jill) and Kk (Keely Kangaroo). Please practice recognizing, writing, and saying the letter sound at home! Next week we will introduce letter Ll (Larry Lion).

Conferences have been going very well. Thank you for continuing to work on letter and number recognition, name writing, color/shape recognition and being independent at home. Our students have come so far already and are continuing to grow each and every day. Mrs. Mustafa and I appreciate all you do!


Reminders: Next week we only have school on Monday and Tuesday for Thanksgiving break!

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Iggy Iguana (Ii)

This week we introduced letter Ii and Iggy Iguana. This letter was easy peasy for our students to write:) Don’t forget, we talk about both uppercase and lowercase and write both as well!

Next week we will introduce Jj and Kk.

Thank you to all for your continuous work at home. It really shows and does not go unnoticed! 

*NO SCHOOL for PreK this Thursday due to conferences.

*Please remember to send your children with winter coats, hats, and gloves! We do go outside when it is snowing and weather is above 20 degrees with windchill. If you’d like to send snow pants/boots, leave them in your child’s backpack and we will allow them to get dressed prior to going outside:) If your child wears boots in the morning, place a change of shoes in their backpack to change into prior to coming into the classroom so they are comfortable throughout the day.

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Gg and Hh; Next Week Reminders

This week we worked on letters Gg (Gertie Goose) and Hh (Hattie Horse). Please continue to work on writing, recognizing and the sound the letter makes at home. Next week we will be reviewing our letters and introducing Ii (Iggy Iguana).

This week our nametags will have our last names added to them. We will then begin recognizing our name tags without the pictures which means focusing on what letters are in our names vs. seeing a picture to recognize. New name tags will be out Monday. We will begin writing first and last names this week as well!


Tuesday: NO SCHOOL

Thursday: HALF DAY (11:30 Pick Up) Scheduled conferences following. Feel free to check the hallway for the list of conferences. I will send thru Remind and provide you with a reminder as well!

*We will have a special visit from the Critter Guy on Monday! Stay tuned to Google Photos for lots of great pictures:)

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Spirit Week

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!

Here are the activities scheduled:

Monday: Mix and Match Day

Tuesday: Dress in Pink Day (Donate $1 to a cancer organization)

Wednesday: Orange and Black Day (Other grades will be dressing in costumes, but GSRP does not participate in this activity! We will however be apart of the trunk-or-treat in the afternoon.)

Thursday: Pajama Day