Tuesday, March 31st Assignment

Good morning- Happy Tuesday 😍

Here is our assignment today:

*Write letter Bb 4 times. (Uppercase and Lowercase)

*FIND or DRAW 3 things that start with letter B.

Name Practice:

*Write your name. Count how many letters there are! 

*Does your name have MORE or LESS then Mrs. Shooshanian’s name? 

Alexandra Shooshanian = 20 letters! 

Letter Sounds:

Monday, March 30th Assignment

Good morning- Happy Monday! 

Attached is our Spirit Week Schedule.
Please feel free to send me the photos/videos but make sure to send to the names listed:)  (Mr. AbuRus, Mrs. Chehab, and Mrs. Daklallah!)

Here is our assignment today

*Using small toys, cereal, snacks, etc- practice ADDING numbers together. You can use my sample as a guide. Do as many as you like, don’t stop after only 5! Practice makes perfect:)

*Write numbers 0-10. 

DJ Count to 100:

Ideas to Beat Their Boredom!

*Give favorite toys a bubble bath! Productive and fun 😉 

*Writing letters and numbers in salt! Pour salt onto plate or tray and they will know what to do:)

*Cut up straws and use pieces to form letters. 

*Writing letters and numbers in shaving cream. 

*Have a dance party!

*Bowling with Red Solo Cups! 

*Go on a walk, “Hunt” for certain items. (Colors, stop signs, planes, fire hydrants, dogs, etc.) 

*Draw a family portrait.

Thursday, March 26th Assignment

Today’s activity is to practice our writing skills. 

*I would like for you to draw a picture of your favorite thing to do during Spring! 

Don’t forget the three steps : 

  1. Write your name. 
  2. Draw your picture. 
  3. Write your story! 

*Parents: Encourage them to write a story that matches their picture. Have them think of the first letter in each word and they can write that down. You can write their full story once they do that. 

*Send pictures of any and all activities you do!

*One more week down! You all are doing AMAZING! I am blown away at how hard the students are still working and I wish I could give them all a big squeeze. I am very proud! Way to go parents!


Cosmic Kids Yoga: 

Wednesday, March 25th Assignment

Good morning friends! 

Today your job is to :

*Practice filling in missing numbers. 

Parents, you can make your own or use my example:) 

(These activities are great practice and students are typically able to do this on their own with a little guidance. Let the child lead and see what they are capable of! Kindergarten/ Y5’s is just around the corner!) 

*Write your name, both uppercase and lowercase. 

Tell Mom/Dad the letters in your name! (Remember, only the first letter of each name is uppercase.)

*Send pictures of any and all activities you do! 

Count to 100:


Activities with Mrs. Shooshanian!


Tuesday, March 24th Assignment!

Hello all! Today’s activity is all about the letter Aa! 

Your job is to: 

-Write the letter, both uppercase and lowercase 4 times. 

-Find 3 things that start with a! You can either take pictures or draw them. 

*Send your pictures to me:) Mason loves looking at them! I am so proud of how hard my friends are working- keep it up!

Alphabet Work Out: