Next week on Tuesday, we have a field trip to the Pond Study! On Thursday, the PreK class does not have school due to Home Visits. I posted the schedule outside of our classroom as a reminder. I will also share the schedule on Remind.

They do not have school for the whole week following (May 7-10.)

Regie Rainbow Teaches Making Healthy Choices!

Today our students met Regie Rainbow! He is going to teach us how to make healthy choices over the next few weeks. Each time we see Regie we will be trying different colored fruits and veggies. Today we started with red and all of us tried a red bell pepper and also had strawberries at lunch. Some of our friends loved the pepper so much they asked for more at lunch! We will be sharing the new foods we try each time! Today we made a puppet to show our parents who Regie Rainbow is:)


Pond Study Field Trip

Next Tuesday-May 1, we have a field trip to the Pond Study at U of M-Dearborn!

The bus will leave just after breakfast around 9:10. All children must attend with an adult on the bus.

Forms will go home today:)

Care to the Core

Our students did a fabulous job singing in front of the whole school yesterday! They worked very hard and we are super proud of them:)


Monday is our performance of these two songs. We just changed one of them to “Kindness is a Muscle,” it is easier to remember;) Please, please practice these songs at home every day until Monday!


Important Upcoming Dates

April 19-Parent Meeting

May 3-May 10-No school

May 3, 7, 8– Home Visits

May 17– Half Day

May 25, 28-No school


Parent Meeting Thursday

This is a reminder that this Thursday we have a PARENT MEETING at drop off. One parent must stay with your child for the meeting. Children then go home at the end of the meeting (10:15).

Michigan Science Center

Another successful field trip in the books! The kids were well behaved, very interested and had a blast! We explored the museum and went to Kids Town. Lots of fun was had!

Interesting Read!


Things to think about….we may be doing these things without even realizing that we are shaming our children. We want them to have a positive inner voice, and they way you talk to them in the early years is a direct reflection of that voice when they mature.

1. Allow them to do things for themselves!

2. Judging their choices.

3. Telling them not to cry.

4. Setting expectations too high.

5. Time out or public discipline.

6. Using harsh tones or laughing at your child.

7. Telling them they are not a big boy or girl.


Bubble Blower Painting

Today we had a lot of fun painting with bubbles mixed with food coloring. The children loved the activity and their art turned out beautiful!