Important Upcoming Dates

October 25: Picture Day

November 6: No School (All of Oakman)

November 8: Half Day 11:30 Dismissal

November 15: No School

November 21-23: No School (All of Oakman)

Dudley Duck-Letter Dd

We had another successful week in PreK! We worked on Letter Dd, both recogizing, saying the sound, and writing it. Next week we will be introducing both letters Ee and Ff (Edna Elephant and Fifi Fish).

Begin working on ordering numbers 1-5, along with counting up to 20 without missing any of those tricky teens. This week we will work on building our names with the letters, and putting them in the correct order on our own.

Thanks again for a successful parent meeting! Have a fabulous weekend.

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Letter Cc

This week we introduced Letter Cc. Our Alphafriend for this letter is Callie Cat. Please practice writing letter C at home, along with letters A and B, and your child’s name. Look to see that they are holding their crayon/pencil with the correct grip and starting their letters AT THE TOP!

We continued to work on fine motor skills this week, and introduced scissors. This will be an ongoing activity all year, as this skill takes some time to develop. I know it may be scary, but please practice using scissors at home as much as you can. (Feel free to hide them when not in use;))

REMINDER: We have a PARENT MEETING this THURSDAY at drop off. (8:40 start time). It will last until 10:00 am and you will bring your child home with you. The children are so excited to have you and show you how much they have learned!

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This Weeks Focus

This week we focused on using fine motor muscles, sorting objects by color,writing their name, and letter Bb. (Photos on Google Docs)

Fine Motor: We used strings and beads, and are focusing on strengthening their small muscles in their fingers to easily string the beads. We also used tweezers to pick up pom poms and sorted by color.

Sorting by Color: We had two activities this week that involved putting objects into group by color. The children struggled with the concept at first, but are beginning to sort easily now that we have focused in on it.

Letter B: This weeks Alphafriend is Benny Bear for Letter Bb. Please practice writing letter B and working on what sound it makes.

Name Writing: Continue working on writing their first name, discussing what letters are in their name.

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Areas to Practice

We had a busy week in PreK! We began introducing letters, beginning with Letter A. We use Alphafriends in our classroom-our friend for Letter A is Andy Apple. We use this program to practice the sound the letter makes. Please begin practicing writing letter A with your child and encouraging them to share the sound it makes with you!

We also introduced Mat Man to show how to draw a person. This is a developmental skill that needs to be practiced and gets better with time. I have attached the video to help you follow along. They draw the body according to the shapes used in the song.

Please also allow your child to practice getting dressed, putting on/zipping up their coat, and packing/unpacking their own backpack by themselves. These skills may seem minor, but for a 4 year old-they are major! At this age, they should be able to do them on their own. They are capable of so much more, we just need to let them show us:)

Thank you for your constant support! We are shaping these little ones to be independent and excited learners for years to come!

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Thank you for attending our first parent meeting today! We are so excited for this year to get started and today went so well.

We are looking forward to tomorrow! See you outside around 8:30.
Half Day-11:30 pick up

Brushing Our Teeth

Today we talked about the importance of brushing our teeth, twice a day! We watched this video after talking about Regie Rainbow and eating healthy foods. A new toothbrush was sent home today:)

Coming to the end of the year…

This week was one full of fun activities and plenty of learning opportunities. We worked on letters and sounds, numbers, writing our names without looking at name tags, sharing, and healthy eating! We completed a full week in the cafeteria and are one of the quietest groups the lunch ladies have seen! We are preparing for Young 5 and Kindergarten like no ones business!