Brushing Our Teeth

Today we talked about the importance of brushing our teeth, twice a day! We watched this video after talking about Regie Rainbow and eating healthy foods. A new toothbrush was sent home today:)

Coming to the end of the year…

This week was one full of fun activities and plenty of learning opportunities. We worked on letters and sounds, numbers, writing our names without looking at name tags, sharing, and healthy eating! We completed a full week in the cafeteria and are one of the quietest groups the lunch ladies have seen! We are preparing for Young 5 and Kindergarten like no ones business!

June 7- End of PreK Celebration

I wanted to share this date and time with you so you can add it to your calendars!

Our last day for PreK is June 7th. We will have a celebration in the gym at 1:30 pm. You are more than welcome to bring other adults (grandma, grandpa, etc.)  but please do not bring balloons!

During this time, the children will get their certificates and we will share some fun memories together before they are done for summer.

I cannot believe we are already talking about the last day of school! This group has truly been amazing.

Field Day

Today was another busy day full of activities. We started off with beach ball hop, the parachute, marshmallow toss and ring toss. We then did long jump, egg races, an obstacle course and scooter races. Later in the day they played bag toss and watched a few rounds of tug of war. Again, we are so proud of how well behaved they were and how well they listened!


-Thursday is a HALF DAY for PreK!

-No School May 25 and 28 (Memorial Day)

-Last Day for PreK—JUNE 7 (We will have a classroom celebration-time TBD)

High Velocity Trip

Today was a blast! The kids were awesome and such good listeners. We were grouped with the Young 5 class and had great sportsmanship. There were different centers and we moved around throughout the day. I think the fan favorite was all the big bouncers! We didn’t take many photos because we were running around so much and the kids were too quick to get many individuals! 

I hope they came home excited to share some stories:) I hope they are as tired as Mrs. Mustafa and I are😂 

Pond Study

Yesterdays firld trip was so awesome! I want to give the parents who joined a big shout out! Not only were you patient with the bus situation, you took time to get your hands dirty for the sake of your little ones learning experience. It may seem small, but its big in the eyes of a four/five year old!!

Thursday Fun!

Finally with some nice weather, we were able to spends lots of time outside this past Thursday. We started the morning by planting our sunflower seeds. We have been talking about the parts of the flower and are excited to see if anyones flower has a stem growing on Monday! We then enjoyed a snack outside together later in the afternoon! We are excited that the weather for our field trip on Tuesday is looking beautiful. 


Next week on Tuesday, we have a field trip to the Pond Study! On Thursday, the PreK class does not have school due to Home Visits. I posted the schedule outside of our classroom as a reminder. I will also share the schedule on Remind.

They do not have school for the whole week following (May 7-10.)