Spring Break

We hope you all have a restful and sunny Spring Break! School begins again on April 8th.

Please continue to work with your child each day over break so they stay fresh and on task.

Work on:

-Writing Their Name

-Letters and Letter Sounds, Writing Letters

-Numbers and Counting

-Drawing Pictures

-Being independent (doing things on their own like zipping coats, getting dressed, using words to explain whats wrong vs. crying/whining)


Kindergarten Round Up

Reminder-Thursday at 9:00 am

Meet in the gym for KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP-for both Young 5’s and Kindergarten next year.

*Drop your child off in our classroom and head down to get signed in and ready for the meeting to begin:)

Kindergarten Round Up


Kindergarten Round Up-

March 28th at 9:00 (In Oakman Gym) for both Kindergarten and Young 5’s

Have ready to bring: (if not by this day it is okay, but soon after!)

-A new physical from the doctor

-DTE (Needs to be from 2019)

Important Dates-Please Take Note!

Here are various important dates for the rest of the school year for you to take note of!

March 14– No School

March 21– No School

March 26– Library Field Trip (parents attend)

March 28– Kindergarten Round Up (Oakman at 9:00 am)

April 1-April 4– No School (Spring Break)

April 18– April Parent Meeting

April 25– Pond Study Field Trip (parents attend)

May 2-May 9-No School (Home Visits)

May 27– No School

June 3-5– No School

June 6– Picnic at Hemlock

June 11– Last Day Celebration!

Thank You Parents!

Thank you for attending our Math Parent Meeting today! The children love to host you in their classroom and show you all that they have learned. It really shows them that you appreciate their growth and learning and are proud of all they have accomplished!

The activities we worked on focused on math. Remember to practice counting, one to one correspondence, shape recognition, writing numbers/shapes, and over all number sense as much as possible with your child.

Congratulations to Umkalthum’s Mom for winning the $10 giftcard! 

Letter Z, Number 5…and Reminders

We have officially introduced all of the letters, both uppercase and lowercase! We finished off with Zz (Zelda Zebra) this week. The students’ letter recognition has improved greatly and we are so proud of how well they are doing with their letter sounds as well! Keep up the hard work parents:)

We worked on writing number 5 this week, and will be moving on to number 6. Keep practicing these skills at home as well, as they are easily forgotten/lost when the children go without practice.

Here are a few reminders :

-Half Day this week-February 14th

-Parent Meeting- February 21 at drop off

-No School-February 18

Image result for zelda zebra




Letters Xx and Yy-What a crazy week!

Although this week was somewhat crazy, the students still managed to squeeze in two of our final letters! We worked on Xx (Mr. X-Ray) and Yy (Yetta Yoyo) this week! Please encourage them to practice writing, recognizing, and identifying the sounds each of the letters make.

I have again attached the Alphafriends Youtube song to practice right below:)


Image result for mr x ray   Image result for yetta yoyo

Next week we will finish introducing letters. Their next time that I will assess them will be in the early weeks of February. We will be testing their letters (both uppercase and lowercase), sounds, and name recognition.

*Please remember to practice scissor skills at home. This is a tricky skill that only gets better with practice! Encourage small snips, then cutting in straight lines, then in zig zags. From there, practice cutting out items like circles, etc.


Here are some important dates for February:

Feb. 14th: Half Day

Feb. 21st: Parent Meeting on Math

Letter Sound Song

Today I meant to have the students sing this, but we had them sitting for long enough!

So I will share it this way:) This is the song that we use (both on Youtube and with picture cards) to practice our letter sounds and letter identification.


Letters Vv and Ww; Parent Meeting

This week we introduced letters Vv (Vinny Volcano) and Ww (Willy Worm). We are so close to finishing our alphabet and focusing in mostly on letters sounds and writing the letters!

We really focused on one-to-one correspondence this week. (Pointing and touching each number to get an accurate amount). You will notice in the photos from this week that they are doing great at it, but need reminders every now and again.

We also had a visit from the scientist this week who talked about bugs. She even brought in a Hissing Cockroach that we all got to touch.

Our parent meeting was focused on literacy and the students are always so proud to show off their skills. Thank you so much for putting time into your child’s education and spending the morning with them in class. It means so much to them! And Mrs. Mustafa and I greatly appreciate your dedication:)

Below is the link to our Google Photos account, along with the link to that lock and key toy. (It is a bit pricier than I thought!)

Google Photos:


Letter Lock and Key Toy:


Image result for vinny volcanoImage result for willy worm

Letters Tt and Uu; Number 4

This week was a great week back after our long break! We introduced two new letters-Letter Tt (Tiggy Tiger) and Letter Uu (Umbie Umbrella). We focused on letter identification, the letter sound and writing them as well. We also focused on writing number 4.

The student’s names are beginning to look very nice-writing both first and last, with a space in between. Focus on them only having the first letter of each uppercase, with the rest lowercase. I am so impressed with their improvements!

Here are some important reminders for the weeks to come:

*Parent Meeting this THURSDAY. It starts at drop off and will last until 10:00. Please plan to stay for the entire meeting. We will be focusing on literacy. (If possible, leave siblings at home so you can enjoy special time with your PreK child. They really look forward to these meetings!)

*NO SCHOOL Monday, January 21st. (All students)

*Half Day Tuesday, January 22nd. (All students)


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