Daily 5- Read to Self and Read to Someone

Your preschool child is already following in their older siblings footsteps! We have been working on our literacy skills during Daily 5 time. Read to Self is now established in our room and the children know the expectations: 

-Keep your eyes on the book.

-Stay in one spot.

-Read the whole time. 

We work on Daily 5 to build our stamina, which we tell our little ones is how we make our brain stronger while we read! 

Today we introduced Read to Someone, where they sit with a partner and retell stories they hear read in the classroom. They did fabulous for their first time!

New Clothing and Other Items

Today your children all received a large bag full of brand new items from the School Bells grant.  They went “shopping” in the gym and were so graciously provided with new items including an outfit, a coat, hats and gloves, underwear/socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, a book, and more!

They were very excited and grateful and all made sure to say a big “THANK YOU” before leaving the gym. We were very lucky today:)

Reminder-October Parent Meeting

Next Thursday, October 19 is our October Parent Meeting.

We will begin at drop off time. Students will be welcomed in to eat breakfast at our normal time. Parents join us and sit and chat while we wait for the children to finish. We will show you how Greeting Time works as well!

Mrs. Mustafa and I will give you any updates we have and then move on to our Fine Motor activities that you will work on with your children.

*You must stay the whole meeting- children are not allowed to be left with other parents as these are parent-child activities. Please plan to stay until 10:15 at the least.


Callie Cat; Introduced Scissors

This week we introduced letter C. Our alphfriend for C is Callie Cat! 

We also began using scissors in the classroom. The students did surprisingly well for their first time! We will be working on fine motor skills next week at our parent meeting where students will go home with a pair of scissors. With proper supervision, please allow your child to work with the scissors to progress their fine motor development. 

Make sure to check in with your child’s progress where their work is displayed in the hallway! 

B- Benny Bear

We introduced letter B on Wednesday/Thursday! Please talk about and practice writing both A and B capital and lowercase with your PreK child. Use words like “big line, small line, big curve and small curve” to explain how to write the letters. (Example- Capital B-“Big line down, jump to the top, small curve, small curve.”) 

We will continue introducing letters at a quick pace so that students are exposed to them and are able to learn how we blend letters to make words. While practicing at home, make it fun! Let them use random household objects to form letters like pasta, small toys, or playdoh. If your child recognies all the letters, begin working on letter sounds with them. 

Thank you all for working together with us. This year has gone great thus far and we are so happy every morning to start our day with such a strong group of Preschoolers. We teachers appreciate you so much! 

Have a great weekend with your little ones:)

Letter A- Andy Apple

We have introduced letter A, both uppercase (A) and lowercase (a). Please work on writing and recognizing this letter with your child at home! We use a program called Alphafriends to help our PreK students learn the letters in a more age-appropriate way. A is ANDY APPLE! Ask your child to show you what movement we do for Andy Apple and what sound the letter makes.