Last Day Celebration

We will be doing our last day celebration on THURSDAY, at 2:15. We will meet in our classroom!

Pond Study

We had an awesome time today at the pond study. Lots of tadpoles and frogs were spotted by our scientists! And what a gorgeous day for it:) In the words of Furqan…”This was the best field trip in my whole life!” 

Picnic Tomorrow:)

Tomorrow is our picnic at Oakman:)

We will be outside at the big playground from 10-2. Please come and go as you wish! We will eat around 11:30 for those of you who are interested in getting pizza! We will have juice boxes and some snacks for the kiddos to pick at:)

Bikes or scooters are encouraged! Feel free to bring whatever you’d like for your child to play with during the picnic.

Last Field Trip (June 1)

Our final field trip will be on June 1 to the pond study at U of M-Dearborn.

Luckily, it will be warm this time;) We will get picked up on the bus after breakfast like last time and will travel to the pond study together. Parents must attend with their child.


New Calendars

May calendars are in the folders! Please take note of the week we have off due to home visits:)


Sight Words

A few friends went home with sight words today! If you have the short list of sight words in your child’s backpack, feel free to start practicing with them. I will check in now and again with their list and when they master them I will add a new page of words!

(Do not feel like you have to sit and study these words with them daily! It is just extra practice in preparation for next year.) 

Calling All Next Year PreK Students!

If you have any friends, neighbors, or relatives with children who will be FOUR by SEPTEMBER 1, make sure to tell them to visit our classroom next Friday, May 5 from 9-11 to get their registration paperwork!

Home Visits

Our second round of home visits will take place at the end of May! They are scheduled for May 22, 23, and 25. Due to home visits, PreK will not have school the week of May 22-25.

We will begin signing up for them next week so think about the date that will best work for you!

Have a fabulous weekend:)

Letter Recognition

I have begun doing final assessments on the students. In some of your children’s folders will be a checklist of the letters both uppercase and lowercase that they recognized in our assessment. I am SO PROUD of a lot of our kiddos for reaching their goal of knowing ALL of their letters both uppercase and lowercase!!! Way to go parents:)

If you check the folder and there is not assessment sheet, they will be assessed next week:)

Image result for abc clipart

Regie Rainbow

Tomorrow we will be talking about YELLOW fruits and vegetables! The children are having a blast working with Regie Rainbow. All 16 students tried both fruits and vegetables we sampled for red and orange so far. 

If you need some help getting your child to eat a healthier diet, bringing Regie Rainbow’s name up is sure to help! We have been discussing how we stay strong and healthy while eating different types of fruits and veggies and our students are having a blast sampling new items. 

Tomorrow we will be trying pineapple and yellow peppers! You do not need to bring anything into the class, we provide it:)