Newsletter for the Week of January 22nd

Peek at the Week

  • The Unique Learning System topic for January is My Body. We are using the story, Head to Toe by Eric Carle to explore all the movements our body can do.
  • Our story this week is There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow by Lucille Colandro. Click on the button below to enjoy the story at home with your child. Reading the same stories at home helps the students make a home/school connection and allows them the chance to let you know what they have been reading all week at school
  • We continued our science experiments on Hot and Cold
  • Our letter this week was the letter O. The students made variety of projects to represent the letter O. We also squeezed our own orange juice to enjoy.
  • For math this month, we are practicing fractions

Pictures at the Week

It’s science!
Anisa’s reaction to pop rocks!
Adams reaction to pop rocks!
Ghazi’s reaction to pop rocks!

Up Coming Events

  • January 30th- Early Release
  • February 6th- Early Release
  • February 9th- CBI to Henry Ford Museum
  • February 13th- Early Release
  • February 14th- Class Valentine’s Day Party
  • February 16th -CBI to Life Town
  • February 19th -No School
  • February 27th- No School

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