Newsletter for Week of February 27th

Looking for Classroom Donations

    Hand Soap for the kids to wash their hands before lunch

    Clorox Wipes

    Peek at the Week

    • The Unique Learning System topic for February was Dental Health. On Wednesday we started the new ULS unit, Lights and Sounds, They Are All Around which focuses on Physical Science.
    • We read a variety of books this week Too! We are behind from all the days off! We read Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth, The Love Monster and on Wednesday, we started March is reading Month with the book, Super Hero Instruction Manual, by Kristen Dempsey. Click on the button below to enjoy the story at home with your child. Reading the same stories at home helps the students make a home/school connection and allows them the chance to let you know what they have been reading all week at school.
    • Our core word focus this month is “You.” Below is the story we read this week.
    • Our letter this week was the letter S. The students made variety of projects to represent the letter S.
    • We finished learning about shapes for the month of February

    Upcoming Events

    March 8th- Late Start

    March 16th – Spring Parent Conferences

    March 17th – 1/2 day

    March 20 – CBI to Life Town

    March 27th -31st – Spring Break

    April 7th – No School

    April 21st and April 22nd- No School

    April 26th – Late Start

    May 17th – Late Start

    May 26th and May 29th – No School

    June 15th – 1/2 day – Last day of School

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