Apr 29

Week of April 29, 2019

This final week of Marking Period 5, we are finishing our Literature Circles, taking a Punctuation Power Assessment, and being introduced to a research project.

Monday 4/29/19

Tuesday 4/30/19

  • Punctuation Power Assessment
    • Addresses essential standard: L.9.1B: I can use various phrases and clauses to convey specific meanings and add interest to writing.
  • Continue to prepare for final Lit Circle (see Monday’s agenda)
  • All late work due today

Wednesday 5/1/19

  • Literature Circle #6 (final one)
    • Discussion
    • Reflection
    • Whole Class Debrief (circle up)

Thursday 5/2/19

Friday 5/3/19

**Important: Starting Monday, Ms. Dana Wahab will be taking over all classes. She will be the long term sub while I’m on maternity leave. **

I’m going to miss all of you  and hope everyone ends the year on a strong, positive note!!! – Mrs. McGladdery

Upcoming Dates: 

Apr 22

Week of April 22, 2019

Continuing our Literature Circles, we are also preparing for our Mentor Sentence Assessment (Tues 4/30) and taking the PSAT9 on Tues 4/23. 

Literature Circle Unit Calendar

Mon 4/22/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Punctuation Power – Commas with Introductory Words – 3 examples)
  • Read and annotate in preparation for Lit Circle #5 (Thursday) by completing the Metacognitive Log we began last Thursday with Ms. Kukeski
  • Share out

Tues 4/23/19

  • PSAT9 from 10:15-2:15

Wed 4/24/19 (Late Start)

Thurs 4/25/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Punctuation Power) – find 2 print examples of Commas with Introductory Words
  • Lit Circle #5
    • Turn in:
      • Individual Role + Reflection (Stapled together)
      • Metacognitive Log

Fri 4/26/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Punctuation Power) – write your own 3 examples of Commas with Introductory Words
  • Practice and Preparation for Tuesday’s Punctuation Power Assessment:

Important Dates:

  • All late/missing work must be turned in by Tues 4/30
  • Punctuation Power Assessment – Tues 4/30
  • Literature Circle #6 – Wed 5/1
  • End of Marking Period 5 – Fri 5/3
Apr 15

Week of April 15, 2019

This week we are continuing our Literature Circle Schedule (see calendar below): 

Literature Circle Unit Calendar

Mon 4/15/19

  • Read and annotate assigned chunk for Lit Circle #4
  • Why Annotate?
    • Helps you expand on ideas and find evidence during your discussion
    • Will help you with the project we will begin after Literature Circles
    • Is proven to help readers understand on a deeper level and remember more of what they’ve read
      • “notetaking facilitates both recall of factual
        material and the synthesis and application of new
        knowledge, particularly when notes are reviewed prior to
        exams.” (Dezure 2) 

Tues 4/16/19

Wed 4/17/19

  • Literature Circle #4
    • Focus on:
      • SL9.1C (I can relate and expand connections to larger ideas)
      • SL9.1D (I can persuasively qualify and justify my own views and understanding)

Thurs 4/18/19 (w/ Ms. Kukeski)

  • Mentor Sentences (begin Commas with Introductory Words – notes + one example)
  • Metacognition Review
  • Begin reading for Literature Circle #5 (discussion is Wed 4/24) and complete…
    • Metacognitive Log using Metacognitive Bookmark
  • Exit Ticket:
    • Rank your understanding of the metacognitive reading strategies on the slip of paper. Use the following numbers:
      1:  I don’t understand. I still need help.
      2: I think I’ve got it but I need more practice.
      3: I get it and can do it by myself.
      4: I’ve got it and can teach someone else
      Then, write a brief explanation (2-3 sentences), explaining your rating and what support you still need, if any.

No School Friday – Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!

Apr 08

Week of April 8, 2019

This week we are continuing our Literature Circle Schedule (see calendar below): 

Literature Circle Unit Calendar

Mon 4/8/19

Tues 4/9/19

  • No school for freshmen (SAT Testing)

Wed 4/10/19

  • No school for freshmen (Work Keys and PSAT10)

Thurs 4/11/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Commas with Sentence Interrupters)
  • Inference Practice w/ Ms. Kukeski (get assignment from “what did I miss” in class)

Fri 4/12/19

  • Literature Circle #3
    • Focus on:
      • SL9.1C (I can relate and expand connections to larger ideas)
      • SL9.1D (I can persuasively qualify and justify my own views and understanding)
Mar 25

Week of March 25, 2019

This week we will be preparing for and participating in our first two Literature Circles. 

Please continue to follow the Literature Circle Unit Calendar to know what we are doing each day.

Mon 3/25/19

  • Counseling Presentation about Schedules for next year
  • REMEMBER: Be prepared for tomorrow’s Literature Circle #1!!

Disney's Scar with the text "Be Prepared" written above his head

Tues 3/26/19

  • Mentor Sentences (notes and one example of Commas with Sentence Interrupters)
  • Set goals for Lit Circle #1
  • Literature Circle #1 Discussion (Graded on standards SL9.1C and SL9.1D)
  • Reflect on discussion
  • Turn in individual roles and reflections

Wed 3/27/19

  • Inference/Prediction Common Formative Assessment (standard RL/RI 9.1)
  • Workday: read and annotate book for Literature Circle #2 (see group schedule/calendar to know how much to read by Friday)

Thurs 3/28/19

Mar 18

Week of March 18, 2019

This week we are beginning our Literature Circles!
(see the attachment below for a breakdown day by day)

Literature Circle Unit Calendar

Mon 3/18/19

Tues 3/19/19

  • Skip Mentor Sentences
  • Using your article from yesterday, complete Jigsaw Expert Preparation. This must be turned in by the end of the hour.

Wed 3/20/19

  • Jigsaw Notes (complete notes by sharing what you’ve learned from your article over the past two days)
  • Pass out Literature Circle Unit Calendar and review important dates
  • Check out books and complete back of calendar with group (chunk reading and exchange contact information)

Thurs 3/21/19

Fri 3/22/19

**REMEMBER: Our first literature circle is TUESDAY. Your work must be prepared before then**

Mar 11

Week of March 11, 2019

This week we are building schema (background knowledge) in order to prepare for our Literature Circle Unit. 

Mon 3/11/19 (w/ Ms. Kukeski)

  • Inference Notes
    • Guided Notes
  • Inference Stations (complete either 1&2 or 3&4 depending on your CFA results)

Tues 3/12/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Commas Before FANBOYS – Examples in Print)
  • Lit Circle Anticipation Guide (glue on p. 25 of IN)
    • Choose ONE statement to write a CER about on p. 24 of IN
  • Create and complete a viewing t-chart (What I see&hear / What it means) on p.26 of IN to analyze the sample literature circle below:

Wed 3/13/19

Thurs 3/14/19

Fri 3/15/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Write your own sentences using Commas Before FANBOYS)
  • Whole-Class Circle Discussion
  • Literature Circle Practice using “Salvation
  • Literature Circle Reflection
  • Due at end of hour (stapled in order):
    • Literature Circle Reflection
    • Individual Role
    • Annotated “Salvation”

Literature Circle Unit Calendar

Mar 05

Week of March 4, 2019

This week we are analyzing last week’s Socratic Seminar, thinking about why we each matter, revisiting how to write a CER, and demonstrating our understanding of our SSR books. 

Mon 3/4/19

  • SSR
    • Turn in last week’s bookmark
  • Socratic Seminar #2 Analysis
    • Watch and reflect on our seminar performance last Friday
    • Turn in at end of hour

Tues 3/5/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Commas Before FANBOYS)
  • #WhyYouMatter
    • Brainstorm on pg. 22-23 of Interactive Notebook
    • Create and turn in your own “I matter because…”

Wed 3/6/19

  • SSR (and turn and talk)
  • Inference CFA (a quick pre-assessment to see where you are in your inferencing skills, so we know what needs to be taught)
  • CER Rubric Breakdown

Thurs 3/7/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Commas Before FANBOYS)
  • CER Review (w/ Ms. Kukeski)

Fri 3/8/19

Feb 25

Week of February 25, 2019

This week we are preparing for and participating in our 2nd Socratic Seminar. 

Guiding Question: How should the US treat illegal immigrants? 

Mon 2/25/19

Tues 2/26/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Commas in a Series – Examples in Print)
  • Review SL.9.1A (Socratic Seminar Preparation) Rubric
  • Begin AoW#2

Wed 2/27/19

  • SSR (fill out 3rd section of weekly bookmark)
  • Finish AoW#2

Thurs 2/28/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Commas in a Series – Write your own 3 sentences)
  • Discuss expectations for Socratic Seminar tomorrow
  • Check in AoW#2
  • Complete Socratic Seminar Questions (using bloom_questions) and/or outside research

Fri 3/1/19

Feb 19

Week of February 18, 2019

This week we are beginning to explore our essential question by building community and trust and reflecting on our selves.

Mon 2/18/19 (No School – Midwinter Break)

Tues 2/19/19

Wed 2/20/19

Thurs 2/21/19

Fri 2/22/19