Dec 02

Week of December 2, 2019

Mon 12/2/19

Tues 12/3/19

  • Turn in revised research question
  • Whirlwind Skill Groups (Main Idea & Supporting Details)

Wed 12/4/19

  • SSR+ and Active Reading Journal (20 min)
    • Mrs. McGladdery conferences with students who don’t yet have an SSR+ book related to research question
  • Whirlwind Skill Groups – Debrief
    • What worked well? What did you like?
    • What didn’t work well? What problems did you face?
    • How can we improve the process for next time?
  • How to Create Research Keywords (mini lesson)
    • You must get your “Brainstorming and Organizing Research Keywords” stamped before you are allowed to begin searching for your articles tomorrow!

Thurs 12/5/19

  • Mentor Sentences (begin Parallel Structure – notes and 1 example)
  • Review how to use keywords to search for articles
Nov 25

Week of November 25, 2019

Mon 11/25/19

  • Media Center – check out a new SSR+ book related to your chosen problem/issue.
  • Introduce SSR+ Active Reading Journal
    • decide how you want to complete it (by hand or on the computer)
    • 20+ entries due by January 13.

Tues 11/26/19


Nov 18

Week of November 18, 2019

Mon 11/18/19

Tues 11/19/19

  • Introduce New Intervention Routine: slides
  • Create new partners (appointments) to use from now until Winter Break
  • Update Standards Tracking in binder and reflect

Wed 11/20/19

Thurs 11/21/19

Fri 11/22/19

Nov 11

Week of November 11, 2019

Mon 11/11/19

Tues 11/12/19 SNOW DAY!!

Wed 11/13/19

Thurs 11/14/19

  • Review Young Activist Stations & turn in.
  • L9.1B Sassy Sentence Mastery Assessment (Beginning Participial Phrases, Appositive Phrases, and Introductory Dependent Clauses)
  • Read LA1/2 Capstone Project overview and write down:
    • 3 Things I Learned
    • 2 Questions I Have
    • 1 Umbrella Topic That Interests Me

Fri 11/15/19

Practice for L9.1B assessment (this Thurs 11/14):
Beginning Participial Phrases
Appositive Phrases
Introductory Dependent Clauses

Nov 04

Week of November 4, 2019

Mon 11/4/19

Tues 11/5/19 – No School (Election Day)

Wed 11/6/19

  • Mission 7 (Presentation) – Planning and Practicing
    • Group Presentations are tomorrow
  • Work day – complete and turn in any missing work for The Most Dangerous (Board) Game Project (Missions 1-6)

Thurs 11/7/19

Fri 11/8/19

  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Log
  • Play Most Dangerous (Board) Games

Upcoming dates to keep in mind:
– L9.1b Sassy Sentence Assessment (Introductory Dependent Clauses) is Thurs 11/14
– SSR+ Assessment #2 is Fri 11/15 (must have book completed and be ready to demonstrate understanding of it)

Oct 28

Week of October 28, 2019

Mon 10/28/19

Tues 10/29/19

Wed 10/30/19

  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Log
  • Mission 5 (Vocabulary)
    • Example:
      • 3. Doggedly is important to the story because it shows us a vital aspect of Rainsford’s character. We learn from the beginning of the story that he won’t give up, even when things are tough. It means (in context) that someone won’t give up and keeps going even when tired or little chance of success.
      • Quick Draw: Draw a picture to get another team member to guess the word “doggedly” as it’s used in the sentence “They had come from the right, and doggedly he swam in that direction, swimming with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his strength.” (Answer Key: use a picture not of a dog, but of someone who won’t give up and keeps trying even when he is tired)

Thurs 10/31/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Write your own Introductory Dependent Clauses)
  • Main Idea (based on last week’s CFA)
    • 1s and 2s : Intervention Sort (topic / main idea / supporting details)
    • 3s : Practice Sort (divide a paragraph into topic / main idea / supporting details)
    • 4s : Extension (how to identify implied vs. stated main ideas)

Fri 11/1/19

  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Logs
    • Don’t forget – your SSR+ book must be completely finished by Nov 15! READ every day at home for AT LEAST 20 minutes!!!
  • Introduce and Begin Mission 6 (write team claim today; we’ll work on the hook on Monday)
Oct 21

Week of October 21, 2019

Mon 10/21/19

Tues 10/22/19

Wed 10/23/19

Thurs 10/24/19

Fri 10/25/19

  • RI9.2 Main Idea CFA (common formative assessment)
  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Log
  • Reteach Mission 2 with this guidance and example: SWBBST with MDG
    • Mission 1 and 2 must be graded before you can move on to Mission 3 next week.
Oct 14

Week of October 14, 2019

Mon 10/14/19 (P-T Conferences 4-7pm)

Tues 10/15/19

Wed 10/16/19 (Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7pm)

Thurs 10/17/19

  • Discuss: How did “The Most Dangerous Game” end?
  • Review from yesterday: Theme vs. Topic
  • Introduce and Practice Main Idea, using the What? and So What? Strategy

Fri 10/18/19

  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Log
  • Discuss:
    • Overall Main Idea of AoW#3
    • How this main idea is connected to “The Most Dangerous Game”
    • How this main idea is connected to our Unit Question (How are Courage and Resilience Related?)
  • Introduce The Most Dangerous Board Game
    • While working in teams, each student will only be scored on this individual performance
    • Form teams and report teams to teacher
Oct 07

Week of October 7, 2019

Upcoming Dates:
– SSR+ book must be completed by end of MP2 (Nov 15)
– L9.1b Assessment (Beginning Participial Phrases & Appositive Phrases) will be Tues Oct 15

Helpful Review for your L9.1b Assessment:
Beginning Participial Phrase Practice
Appositive Phrase Practice

A four panel comic demonstrating the purpose of an appositive phrase.

Mon 10/7/19

  • New Seats
  • Mindfulness (10 min)
  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Logs
    • New books for marking period 2 must be finished by Nov 15
  • Update standard tracking in binder to see which skills you need support in.

Tues 10/8/19

Wed 10/9/19

  • SSR+ and Metacognitive Logs
  • Finish MDG Vocab Packet
  • Write and share a one paragraph (7 sentence) prediction about what “The Most Dangerous Game” will be about, using the vocabulary as evidence to support your prediction.

Thurs 10/10/19

Fri 10/11/19 (Half Day – Hours 4-6)

Sep 30

Week of September 30, 2019

Upcoming Assessments:

  • RL/RI9.2 Summary Assessment – Tues 10/1
  • RL/RI9.4 Roadblock Assessment – Wed 10/2
  • SSR+ book must be completed – assessment and library visit for new book on Fri 10/4

Mon 9/30/19

Tues 10/1/19

Wed 10/2/19

Thurs 10/3/19

  • Mentor Sentences (Appositive Phrases – find two examples in print)
  • Finish working on AoW#3
  • Discuss Golden Lines from AoW#3
  • HW: Bring ID tomorrow for library

Fri 10/4/19 (Shortened Schedule for Pep Assembly)

  • SSR+ Assessment for Marking Period 1
  • Go to Library and check out SSR+ book for Marking Period 2 (Need a new book on Monday)

Announcement: First Creative Writing Club meeting is this Friday (10/4) in room A-16 after school. If you are interested, sign up for the Remind: DHSCWC20