Friday, October 13th

What’s up T-Birds!

Today is a half-day so I will only see my second hour Algebra 1 class.  In class we will wrap up any questions that students have on the work that was distributed through out the week.  We will also get started on a worksheet to prep us for slot questions for next week.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 11th


I will not be in class today due to a conference that I have to attend.  However the students will receive a worksheet to practice graphing and finding key features of linear functions.  Students should complete this by the end of class.  If not, it will turn into homework.  Also, SLOT quizzes are now recorded in the gradebook.  They are counted as a summative grade.

Graphing Linear Functions WS—>Graphing Linear Equations WS #2

Thursday, October 5th

What’s up!

Today students will be playing a review game to study for their test that has been moved to Friday, 10/6.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • Evaluating Functions
  • Graphing functions on the coordinate plane
  • Domain and range of functions and relations (graphs, mapping diagrams, and list of ordered pairs)
  • Ordered pair solutions
  • Appropriate domains