Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tonight’s homework:

Subtraction Worksheet

Read 20 minutes

Practice Spelling Words

In class today, we discussed how to avoid and deal with bullying. This is an issue that we are working together, as a class, to eliminate.

We watched the following video:

We then discussed ways to deal with our problems with one-another in healthier ways. For example: 1. using words to express our feelings, not violence 2. if upset take deep breaths and think before you act 3. avoid those who may influence you to make poor choices 4. problem solve, not argue 5. tell a teacher or adult when you are being bullied 6. try to cooperate with each other Finally, we split into groups and performed skits on the appropriate and inappropriate ways to handle bullying.  Please take the time with your 3rd grader to discuss ways to handle bullying and how to avoid becoming a bully. We will continue stressing the importance of this daily.

Have a great evening.