Homework and Reminders 11-16-17

Homework tonight is for both grade to write their spelling words in ABC order. Then, 3rd grade has pages 293 and 294 in their math practice book, and 4th grade has a plot line measurement worksheet.

Lastly, tomorrow is the last day of the can drive. Our class is currently still in 1st place with 185 as of today. If you are able to send in anything tomorrow, we would greatly appreciate you helping out the families in our communities that are in need.

Homework and Reminders

Homework 11-14-17

3rd Grade

Spelling: Write a story using 8 of your spelling words

Math: Pages 285 & 286 in your Math practice book

4th Grade

Spelling: Write a story using 10 of your spelling words.

Math: 2 worksheets on reading plot lines.

Late Start

Tomorrow is a late start for students at 9:30a.m.

Can Drive

The can drive continues through the end of the week. Thank you to all of the families who have contributed so far. Last Friday, our class was in 1st place for grades 3-5. The kids are really hoping that we come out on top this Friday.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder that parent-teacher conferences are tomorrow and Thursday from 4 until 7.


Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule 11-16-17

Below is the schedule for parent-teacher conferences that will take place this Thursday.

Thursday, November 16,2017

Layla Hussein     4:00-4:15

Bachal Khan        4:20-4:35

Ahlam Ghaleb     4:40-4:55

Reyath Fayed      5:00-5:15

Lamees Hamood 5:20-5:35

Raneen Mohamed 5:40-5:55

Alireda Tabaja        6:00-6:15

****If your assigned time does not work for you, I will come in early, or stay late to meet with you.****

Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule 11-15-17

Below you will find the parent-teacher conference schedule for Wednesday. I will do Thursday in a separate post. I sent all but one home today…I just found it sitting on my desk!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Asiah Alwahabi          4:00-4:15

Almardia Ali               4:20-4:35

Haneen Alatwali        4:40-4:55

Wessam Albaadani    5:00-5:15

Mlak Alhaj                   5:20-5:35

Ahmad Aljibory          5:40-5:55

Asma Alnamer            6:00-6:15

Saham Amir                6:20-6:35

****If your assigned time does not work for you, I will come in early and stay late to meet with you if necessary.****

Spelling Words and Homework

Happy Monday! This week’s spelling words are as follows:

3rd Grade

alive, behind, shaken, shiny, stared, historian, history, timeline, sources, energy

4th Grade

voucher, stretcher, bleacher, catcher, butcher, teacher, sketcher, rancher, researcher, preacher, fourths, eighths, halves, quarter, fraction

BONUS WORD for both grades:


Spelling homework for the week is as follows:

Monday: Write each word five times, using a different color for each word if you’d like.

Tuesday: Write a story that uses eight (8) spelling words for 3rd grade and ten (10) spelling words for 4th grade.

Wednesday: Complete spelling word search.

Thursday: Write words in ABC order, and STUDY!

Math homework for tonight is as follows:

3rd Grade: Pages 283-284 in Mathematics Practice and Problem Solving Workbook

4th Grade: 2 math worksheets on “Measuring With A Ruler.”

Writing in Math

Miller Elementary has started a school wide math workshop program that include a Writing in Math and Math with a Partner station. Below are listed a couple of higher order thinking word problems that your child will see in the classroom. These are the type of problems that they also see on the MSTEP.

Writing in Math Example:

Restaurant Mix-Up

  • Role: You
  • Audience: The restaurant manager
  • Format: comment
  • Topic: someone else’s dinner bill
  • Strong Verb: revise and express

You are dining with your family at your favorite restaurant. You order three hamburgers with French fries at $6.50 each, one Caesar salad at $5.35, three iced teas at $1.29 each, a lemonade at $1.39, and four desserts at $3.99 each. But when you receive your bill, you discover that you’ve been charged for an extra hamburger and an extra iced tea. Correct your bill to get an accurate total. Then write a comment to the restaurant manager, expressing your concern regarding the restaurant’s overcharging ways and document how you corrected the error.

Math with A Partner Example: 

Word Problem

A landscaping company visits the school to talk about the possible ways to tile a patio near the playground. The school can only afford 30 square tiles.

Determine all of the possible dimensions of rectangles you could make.

The space fore the patio is configured so that there cannot be anymore than 10 tiles in a row. Determine which dimensions would work.

Can Drive and A Few Reminders

This week, Miller Elementary began collecting food for our “Can the Principal” event. Mr. Awada’s goal for the school is to collect 4,000 cans or food items. Currently, our class has collected 74 items in just two days! This is a great way for our children to appreciate helping others who may not be as fortunate. We will be collecting food until November 17, 2017.

A reminder to parents who are scheduled for parent-teacher conferences tomorrow to please do your best to be on time. If you are scheduled for next week, I will send home those reminders on Monday. Again, if you cannot make the time that has been scheduled, I will adjust my schedule to meet with you. Today the students filled out their reading and math goals, and then all of us, including myself set our own personal goals for the rest of the school year that I will be sharing with you during our meeting time.

Please check with your child to make sure that they have completed all of their spelling homework for the week. It has been an odd week with no school yesterday, and I think that may have thrown some of the kids off. I always give them until Friday to make sure that everything has been completed. This week their only homework has been spelling and reading 30 minutes each night.

We have been studying figurative language this week during our Daily 5 portion of the day. The kids are busy working in groups of 2 or 3 to design a poster explaining 7 forms of figurative language to share with the class. We are having a blast learning about different figures of speech and what their mean.