3rd grade with Mrs. van proeyen

Dearborn Public Schools

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Hi all, we are starting to run low on headphones in our classroom (they are getting old and/or breaking).  If you have any headphones at home that your are willing to donate that would be great or if you want to send a pair for your child to use for the year that would be […]

spelling 11-13-17

button, cotton, letter, dinner, rabbit, polygon, estimate, weather, pioneer, culture

spelling 11-6-17

tiger, habit, music, cabin, alive, immigrant, perimeter, area, history, century

Read at home program

book it program Hi all, We are trying to inspire students to read at home more on their own.  Please read the above letter to learn more:)

spelling 10-30-17

brother, purple, whisper, father, teacher, push, pull, gravity, prefix, suffix

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