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Fit for Life

Basketball tryouts start next week

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Nov• 02•17

We will have a short, one week tournament to help prepare everyone for tryouts.  Good luck to all who are trying out for the team.

Weather is changing….

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Oct• 16•17

As the weather gets colder please remember to keep a sweatshirt in your gym locker.  We will be going outside if the temperature is at or near 50 degrees.

Cipriano Run

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Oct• 02•17

Please see me if you are interested in the Cipriano run this year.  It will cost $3 and you must sign up in advance and provide your own transportation.  Extra credit will be given to those participating in the event.

Students check your grades

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Sep• 25•17

I will be posting grades every Friday.  Extra credit will not be offered at the end of the marking period.  As always, do your best!

Swimming starts Monday the 18th

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Sep• 13•17

Please remember to bring your swimsuit, towel, and goggles if you have them.  We will start by doing a swim test to see your swimming ability.  If you past the test, you will be allowed to swim in the deep end.  Good luck everyone.

2017-18 PE Syllabus

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Sep• 05•17


Welcome back Falcons!

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Sep• 05•17

Have a wonderful summer!

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - Jun• 14•17

End of the year info

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - May• 31•17

All gym lockers must be cleaned out by June 9th.  After this day, we will not be allowed back into the locker room.  Until this point, we will still be graded on participation, sportsmanship and dressing.  Thank you!

Mile Post Test

Written By: Jeffrey Tapp - May• 12•17

will be happening in all classes soon.   Students make sure you are ready!

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